Breaking: Military ‘On Alert’ Launches F-35 Stealth Jets


Military forces in two superpower nations are on high alert. After the huge success he had in Afghanistan, Joe Biden has decided to force a showdown in the South China Sea with a carrier full of F-35’s. Xi Jinping is jumping up and down so frantically that his People’s Liberation Army is on immediate readiness status. Meanwhile, Chinese diplomats flatly accuse the U.S. Navy of trespassing. Weren’t they supposed to get a call from General Mark Milley or something first?

Military flying F-35’s

A historic photo was released recently of an F-35 launching from the Carl Vinson for the very first time in the South China Sea. The carrier based stealth fighters are really annoying the Chinese military. The reds are threatening to practically invade Hawaii in response.

According to reports, on September 12, China “launched a scathing warning at the United States for the deployment of independence-variant littoral combat ship USS Tulsa and Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group in the South China Sea, as it indirectly asserted that PLA warships will make an incursion in Hawaii.”

The version of the F-35C stealth jets carried by the Vinson are The “C variant” designed “to operate aboard U.S. Navy carriers. It can carry more fuel and weaponry and is built for catapult launches and fly-in arrestments.” They took a while to get there but a few days ago, the Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group sailed into the disputed waters.

Along with the floating military airbase, the group boasts the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Benfold. That’s the one which has Beijing on edge. The Benfold dared to sail “near Mischief Reef in the Spratly Island chain, which is an area long claimed by China.”

China claims they’re ready for the high tech military fighter jets. From the successes their hacking units accomplished, they probably have our design drawings in their files.

Global Times reports that “China has already developed a number of anti-stealth radar systems, so the F-35C can be detected.” They also got ready with “countermeasures against the vertical take-off and landing-capable CMV-22Bs, which could land on islands and reefs in the region.”

China feels ‘violated’

Furious generals with China’s Southern Theater Command formally “charged the US Navy with “trespassing” and “violating” Chinese sovereign waters.

Their military leaders claim “to have ‘warned off’ the USS Benfold destroyer from near the reefs.” The Pentagon refutes that by saying “the navy continues upholding lawful freedom of navigation operations.” The next thing they may be saying is “hey, you sunk my battleship!”

Chinese State media are telling viewers that the “carrier’s arrival with the stealth jets on board” is obviously a “provocative deployment” which China’s military “is able to counter if needed.”

After all, what’s the point of installing back door access points in all their microchips?

The water around the straight of Taiwan has been a controversy for a long time. Joe Biden and the military leaders who listen to him think now is the time to “uphold the free and open use of Indo-Pacific waters in support of security and stability in the region.”

Everything else they have been doing blew up in their faces. They’re hoping to distract from the negative by acting tough and intimidating China. He may look like Pooh Bear but China’s imperial leader for life isn’t going to let exposed American weakness go untested.


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