The Blatantly Disgusting Smell of the Deep State Fear at an ALL Time High


Patriots are pouring into the city of Washington D.C. this weekend and the disgusting stench of Deep State fear pervades the air.

Joe Biden’s family is mired in the muck of drug and pedophilia scandals while Joe himself is implicated in selling his influence as Barack Obama’s vice president in a pay-for-play scheme which miraculously disappeared from the headlines since the night they tried to steal the election.

A stench of fear surrounds the swamp

If Democrats manage to get their way then the rule of law is dead. The swamp is already so full of rot and corruption that the corpse of the Constitution won’t make a notable difference.

It’s a sad day when Democrats can’t wait for a criminal to be in charge of America. An extra layer has been added to the reek. Democrat fear that President Donald Trump will exercise his constitutional authority and declare a federal state of emergency.

At this point, Black Lives Matter is afraid to riot because it will give President Donald Trump exactly the excuse he needs to call it an “insurrection.”

One thing that the Democrats fear even more is that they don’t have to start another riot. The ones they already sponsored and organized all summer long prove the point.

Attempting to steal the election is only bonus points. When it comes right down to it, President Donald Trump has a duty to defend the constitution and he only has a limited time left to do it.

No matter what the election results determine, Trump is President until January. Joe Biden is already an accused criminal, even if nobody wants to talk about it. Handing the oval office to him would tell America that the Constitution is nothing but toilet paper and it’s everyone for themselves.

The corrupt and complicit Federal Bureau of Instigation was part of a Deep State plot to block the transfer of power from the Obama administration to Trump, then illegally spied on the president and seditiously tried to remove him from office.

Documents were already made public which prove that the FBI knew all about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and as Abyssum puts it, “his family’s proclivities for years and never said anything.” Now even ranking FBI officials hide in fear.

If Joe Biden is not declared president, they go to jail. If Biden is declared president, then the law is what the FBI says it is. The constitution has been replace by the whim of the regime.

The epitome of nepotism

Joe Biden and his family represent the epitome of nepotism, bribery, influence peddling, and even worse filth. The thing that most Americans fear about the whole situation is that it was “facilitated within the U.S. political elite.”

There’s a reason why Barack Obama didn’t fade quietly into the shadows of history when Trump took office. He’s still trying to run a government in exile, along with crooked Hillary Clinton. Rumors say that Hillary already has a place in Joe’s government.

If the criminals take charge, all their crimes will suddenly vanish. Oh, Obamagate, that’s been debunked.

The crisis has gotten so intense over the past few days that “you can sense, almost smell, the fear of the Deep State, who control the media that their false narrative is being exposed, by their blatant lying.” Things are just as dire in the Catholic Church.

An “underground” Archbishop is fighting a guerrilla Holy War against evil in the Vatican. The forces of light in the Church are solidly behind President Donald Trump.

The Vatican is fighting a Deep Church impostor keeping the Chair of St. Peter warm, Francis, declared his true evil intentions when he, as Archbishop Carlo Vigano writes, “comes storming out of the gates of the Vatican to tell the world that he approves of gay civil marriage. And this distraction should be of no surprise to us. Because this is what a CIA pope is supposed to do.”

The Deep Church is in fear that Donald Trump will crush their ally. “the more distracted American Catholics are from Biden’s evil, the more likely they will not vote to re-elect President Trump, who is a blatant enemy of the Deep State.”


  1. Appalled how many Republican leaders are silent cowards. Watch your Reps & Senators for the necessary positions they don’t take. Remember them in 2022 & 2024….not that it’ll matter.
    2016 was your LAST honest election. Now, you’re officially a Communist.

  2. I always feel uncomfortable with articles like this. It points out the problems and how the enemies of freedom are screwing us over and how they smell of fear, etc. But there never seems to be any result. Mostly the folks they refer to just ignore this. There never seems to be any reaction by those who’s job it is to punish or discipline.

    The President talks about it but those he puts in charge just slow walk their way through it and nothing seems to happen. Hillary with her known crimes just walks around without any apparent fear, obamma with his known crimes just struts around with no fear. I read the other day where Barr is making sure that every thing is so perfect that all you have to do is lay it on the judge’s bench and the perp will be convicted.

    I do seem to remember how Gen Flynn and other are broke, or in jail, or worse dead. But no retribution against the demoncraps.

    If obiteme is sworn in as President – all these things will disappear. Am I the only one who doesn’t expect anything to come of all this?

  3. Given the FACT that Pedo Joe won’t be sworn in everyone one should be VERY FRIGHTENED. The one who will be going in if the Democraps cheating holds will be the Ho and that should scare anyone with a BRAIN SH**LESS. If they get the Ho in power along with taking the last two Senate seats America is DOOMED. The Ho will legalize every sick depraved action as normal. She will tax everyone but her pals into poverty and open the southern border to allow ILLEGALS free access to America while giving them all the Free things she conned voters with. So all people who are not the WILLFULLY IGNORANT LIBERALS who voted for Pedo Joe and the Ho should be VERY VERY AFRAID if Democraps take both Senate seats from Georgia. As to why no one seems to understand this that is because the MORON MEDIA AKA RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS of the Democraps control almost every Channel and Radio station so they control what gets put out. With the WILLFULLY IGNORANT LIBERALS also in charge of almost all forms of media on the Internet TRUTH is not getting to the people. Sadly LIBERAL IGNORANCE RUINS the ENTIRR EDUCATION SYSTEM so again NO TRUTH is being put out. Even what was once the only TRUE News Network FOX has now even fallen to those same LIBERAL IDIOTS in power everywhere else.


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