CEO of Multi-Billion Dollar Company Indicted


If you’re hiding money in a secret offshore bank account it would be a good idea to tell the IRS about it now, before they find you. As indicted entrepreneur Robert T. Brockman just learned, the IRS will track you down.

“IRS Criminal Investigation aggressively pursues tax cheats domestically and abroad. No scheme is too complex or sophisticated for our investigators. Those hiding income or assets offshore are encouraged to come forward and voluntarily disclose their holdings.”

Indicted on two billion dollar scheme

Jim Lee, Chief of IRS Criminal Investigation, explains, as alleged in the indictment, “Mr. Brockman is responsible for carrying out an approximately two billion dollar tax evasion scheme.” A San Francisco based federal grand jury indicted the mogul on 39 counts including tax evasion, wire fraud, and money laundering along with some more interesting charges as well.

Brockman was indicted for a scheme which ran for decades and managed to hide around $2 billion in income from the IRS. As part of the deal, he was able to “defraud investors in the software company’s debt securities.”

The IRS stopped wasting time on the little guys. They’re going after “the costliest and most sophisticated tax crimes in the United States.”

Brockman has houses all over the country, residing in Texas and Colorado, but he has “a web of offshore entities based in Bermuda and Nevis to hide from the IRS income earned on his investments in private equity funds which were managed by a San Francisco-based investment firm.” Brockman was indicted for directing “untaxed capital gains income to secret bank accounts in Bermuda and Switzerland.”

encrypted communications and code words

To cover his tracks, “between 1999 and 2019, Brockman took measures such as backdating records and using encrypted communications and code words to communicate with a co-conspirator, among other alleged actions.”

It didn’t stop him from being indicted. He was no match for the IRS. They also know all about how “between 2008 and 2010, Brockman engaged in a fraudulent scheme to obtain approximately $67.8 million in the software company’s debt securities.”

The company CEO isn’t supposed to do that without disclosing everything. Until he was indicted, Brockman “used a third-party to circumvent those requirements, to acquire the debt securities, and to conceal from the sellers valuable economic information.”

They really don’t like the fact that “Brockman allegedly persuaded another individual to alter, destroy, and mutilate documents and computer evidence with the intent to impair the use of such evidence in a grand jury investigation.” Apparently, it didn’t work.

According to the IRS Brockman was indicted on conspiracy; seven counts of tax evasion; six counts of failing to file foreign bank account reports; 20 counts of wire fraud affecting a financial institution; two counts of concealment money laundering, and tax evasion money laundering; and one count each of international concealment money laundering; evidence tampering, and destruction of evidence.


  1. I’m a dual citizen. I have a bank acct in USA & my other country. I’m wondering if I R S needs to know about my other bank acct?

  2. Nice to know that the infernal revenue service is going after the high rollers. (I don’t believe that they are not going after the little people also!) Makes me wonder what his political party affiliation is? Probably not demoncrap!

    We learned, as if we didn’t know, under obamma that the IRS is not to be trusted. It targeted conservative organizations at the request of the obamma administration.

    I still remember that Al Sharpton and other “activists” are never chased down. Probably just those that actually have money for the government to take!

  3. Take them down or take them out… does not matter to me ! The Clintons use their “Foundation” as a piggy bank ! The Bidens are a Crime Family ! I just bet that Zuckerberg, Soros, and numerous others are crooked as all get out !
    Take them all to court and fine them 10 times what they are stealing then send them off to Prison for 20 years !

  4. Smart money says two things about this case 1) It will go away once Democraps take over 2) He has been a Democrapic supporter all the time he was hiding money off shore. The article says he did the hiding under Obozo. Where are the Democraps screaming take all his money like they were and still are about Trump?? I know they say nothing because he was giving them hush money all the time.


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