Rig Driver Hides As Victim of Smuggling Massacre


After the hospital tipped off police that he was the only one of the heat-stress victims tweaking his brains out on methamphetamine, and not suffering much heat stress, Homero Zamorano was identified as the driver. The 45-year-old Houston resident thought he was being slick, when he acted like one of the victims of San Antonio’s recent migrant massacre.

Driver plays innocent victim

At $10,000 a pop, the truck was hauling a million bucks worth of human cargo. That means the driver was expecting a pretty big cut for doing the dirty work. Things didn’t go according to plan and the truck broke down.

Without air conditioning or water, 51 hopeful migrants died. Several more, including children, are fighting for their lives in the hospital. This incident has been described as “the deadliest human smuggling attempt in American history.

As the driver rolled through the immigration checkpoint at Encinal, Texas, about 34 miles from the Mexico border, the high-tech cameras snapped a picture of Zamorano around 2:50 p.m. on Monday, June 27.

The migrants, officials say, were treated “worse than animals.

According to police, Zamorano was “very high on meth” when they found him. The driver tried to pose as “a regular immigrant to avoid being detained” but his plan didn’t work.

Police have also arrested two Mexican nationals living illegally in San Antonio. Juan Francisco D’Luna-Bilbao and Juan Claudio D’Luna-Mendez were taken into custody. So far, all they’re charged with is “possessing firearms while residing in the U.S. illegally.” Those are federal charges.

Treated worse than animals

Police are explicitly vocal about the way the cartel smugglers treated these people “worse than animals.” Encouraged by Joe Biden’s open borders immigration policy, a hundred humans were packed like cattle into an un-ventilated trailer with no water. The driver knew they were there when he abandoned them.

Several survivors are in critical condition after suffering brain damage and internal bleeding.” Investigators already determined that “the migrants paid the smugglers around $10,000 for safe passage.” The passage wasn’t anywhere close to safe.

It was nearly 6:00 p.m. on Monday when the rig was “found abandoned near San Antonio, about 160 miles from the border.” Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was the one to make the announcement on Wednesday, at a news conference, that the “driver and suspected human smuggler pretended to be an illegal migrant when authorities confronted him.


He “tried to pass himself off as one of the survivors,” Obrador confirmed, also noting that their National Institute of Migration “had no data on Zamorano.

Along with the deceased migrants, there’s another victim. A trucker had his identity stolen as part of the scheme. D’Luna-Bilbao and D’Luna-Mendez “were arrested at a residence in the 100 block of Arnold Drive after officers traced the semi’s registration to the property. The residence was placed under surveillance and both men were arrested as they attempted to leave the property.” Tracing it wasn’t easy because it was forged. The driver knew he had a semi with a stolen registration.

The plates, logos and license were cloned.” An Alamo Resident proved his rig “had been out hauling grain in another part of Texas at the time.” According to Isaac Limon, who’s father in law owned the truck who’s data was stolen, “It was a perfect setup. His DOT Number was illegally copied onto the truck. He is not the owner of the truck in San Antonio that is involved in this tragic event. Sad to say, but he’s a bit of a victim, too, because people believe it was him.


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