Report: Hamas Terrorists Get ROASTED

Report: Hamas Terrorists Get ROASTED

Thanks to Joe Biden, Hamas terrorists have become emboldened once again, attacking Israel with a barrage of rockets. Luckily, Israel fights back.

In response to terrorist attacks, Israel unleashed a devastating show of force that was designed specifically to destroy a network of tunnels dug by the terrorists from Gaza into Israel.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces, 160 aircraft flew simultaneously and engaged in a 40 minute attack on the tunnel network, just as 450 missiles were landing on 150 targets in northern Gaza. Soon after, 50 tank shells and 500 artillery shells were fired in a follow-up attack.

Reports indicate that at least 115 people were killed in the Gaza Strip, while seven have died so far in Israel. The likely reason for the disparity is Israel’s strong defense system.

While Israel targets military objectives such as the terrorists’ tunnels and hideouts, Hamas likes to choose civilian targets. Officials within Israel ordered everyone living close to the border to evacuate to bunkers after concerns mounted regarding retaliation from the terrorist group.

“I said that we would charge a very heavy price from Hamas. We do it and we will continue to do it with great intensity. The last word was not said and this operation will continue as long as necessary,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

As these attacks are becoming more severe, fear of an all-out war is growing. Israel has called up 9,000 reservists to strengthen its forces, and has deployed troops to its border with Gaza to prepare for a possible ground assault.

Meanwhile, Hamas is holding funerals for slain terrorist commanders, including their intelligence chief and the terror boss of Gaza City. After firing more than 1,600 rockets into “densely populated Israeli neighbourhoods, killing seven civilians including a five-year-old boy,” Hamas is now asking for a ceasefire, according to reporting by the UK Daily Mail.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has rejected the peace offering, likely a reaction to the fact that Hamas will never truly stop attacking Israel. No matter what concession Israel gives, the terrorist-run state of Palestine will never be appeased. The only thing Hamas, and many surrounding Arab nations, want is the complete annihilation of the only Jewish state in the world. Luckily, Israel isn’t afraid to fight back.


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