Mike Pence Breaks His Silence

Mike Pence Breaks His Silence

Former Vice President Mike Pence has broken his silence. Pence has mostly been staying out of the spotlight since leaving the White House, but one issue brought him back to the political fight.

Mike Pence is now calling out Joe Biden for his handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, citing his foreign police “weakness” as the reason behind the violence.

In an op-ed published by the National Review, he discussed the differences between the Trump administration’s actions in the Middle East and Biden’s. “The Trump-Pence administration opened the door to a future of peace in the Middle East founded on our strong and unwavering commitment to the state of Israel,” Pence wrote.

While the previous administration was working towards peace by supporting our allies, Biden and his Democrat allies’ failure to support Israel has “emboldened our enemies” in the Middle East, giving the rest of the world the impression that the United States may not take action if the Jewish state were attacked, according to Pence.

“Other nations knew where America stood with absolute certainty,” he said. “They knew America would respond forcefully if our citizens or allies were threatened. As a result, they responded rationally by pursuing peace and harmony.”

“But now, President Biden has sent the world a profoundly different message. Instead of seeking peace through strength, he has invited violence through weakness,” Pence continued.

Not only is Biden’s weakness leading to violence, his actions are directly subsidizing it. In his op-ed, Pence also pointed out the fact that Biden has restored over $200 million in aid to the Palestinians, is trying to rejoin the Iran Nuclear Deal, and has taken the Iran-backed Houthis off of the designated terror group list. Hamas, a terrorist group that runs the Palestinian government, was also the target of Mike Pence’s op-ed.

“Every tepid statement uttered by the Biden-Harris administration is built on a false equivalency between Israel and Hamas,” the former vice president wrote. “One is a sovereign nation with a legitimate government, and a trusted ally. The other is an internationally recognized terrorist organization that has fired more than 3,000 rockets at Jewish families and businesses in the past week.”

“President Biden and every American leader should uphold Israel’s right to self-defense and condemn the terrorists of Hamas — as well as their supporters and apologists — in the strongest possible terms,” he added, stating that there was “no moral equivalency” between the two.

Recently, Hamas has become confident that they will receive no consequences for their actions, as the radical far-left that has long supported the terrorist group has gained control over the United States. Violent “rallies” have cropped up around the U.S., as radical leftist activists have decided to attack innocent civilians and pro-Israel protesters.

Not only has the left begun to attack Jewish people at their riots, they’ve now decided to celebrate attempted genocide.

Is it any wonder that Hamas has resumed their violent terrorist attacks? With Biden and the left supporting them, it appears that the violence is just going to continue to escalate. Mike Pence is right, Biden’s weakness is just inviting destruction.


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