Breaking News: Confirmed Missile Attack on Israeli Nuclear Facility


A Syrian missile strike near the top secret Israeli Dimona nuclear facility in the Negev desert has been confirmed. Reports coming out of Israel Thursday morning but hitting the United States on Wednesday afternoon suggest that Iran isn’t directly behind it. But, you can bet the Ayatollah will be paying some bonuses to the guys who did. It’s one of those too “convenient” accidents.

Missile attack on Israel

Everyone in the Mid-east has been on a razor’s edge of situational awareness ever since Israel was accused of blowing up the power supply for Iran’s nuclear centrifuges at Natanz. Retaliation has been heavily in the air but nobody was sure exactly what form it would take.

Now we know. An official Israeli Defense Forces spokesman told Reuters that “a Syrian missile fired towards an Israeli warplane has overflown its target.” It did in fact impact near Dimona.

The rocket has been confirmed as “an SA-5” long-range projectile “handled by Syria’s Russian S-200 missile systems.” It didn’t land all that close to the reactor though. “landing some 30 kilometers (19 miles) away.” All the citizens were terrified out of their beds wen the sirens went off in the early morning hours local time.

The Reuters journalist was embedded 56 miles north of Dimona and he heard “the sound of an explosion minutes before the military tweeted that the alarms had gone off.” Residents from nearby villages reported hearing explosions that “shook the houses.” It was felt all the way in Jerusalem.

As soon as they heard the blast everyone started pointing the finger at the Ayatollah. “Multiple news reports surfaced during the early morning hours on Thursday inside Israel” and all of them said “large explosions have been heard inside the nation and that air raid sirens have sounded off.”

They made sure to point out that the nuclear facility was the apparent target. Since the operation is far “in the southern Israeli district of Abu Qrenat” there aren’t a lot of missile types which can target it. “Abu Qrenat is deeper within Israeli territory than the usual range of the rockets of Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip,” Reuters explains.

On alert for weeks

According to Israeli media over the past few weeks, “air defenses in the area of Dimona and the Red Sea port Eilat were being beefed up in anticipation of a possible long-range missile or drone attack by Iranian-backed forces.”

They expect one from “as far away as Yemen.” The IDF didn’t just sit idly by and let Syria take pot shots at their top secret nuclear installation.

“In response, we struck the battery from which the missile was launched and additional surface-to-air batteries in Syria,” the IDF brags. Those would be the ones “near Damascus.” That’s been confirmed too. “Syrian state media reported multiple strikes.”

Only ten days ago, somebody, possibly Israel, attacked Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. The Iranian press reported that the Ayatollah called for “the government to strike Israel’s nuclear facility in Dimona.” That’s the only thing that makes sense to the eye-for-an-eye justice loving Arabs.

Meanwhile, Imperial Leader Joe Biden is moping around the Imperial Palace with his thumb up his butt. Foundation for Defense of Democracies issued his first report card and it says he flunked. The “administration was trending ‘very negative’ when it comes to Iran.

The Biden administration reportedly “collapsed on two major negotiating positions that date back to the 2020 presidential campaign.” That hands Iran “strategic victories before talks even commenced.” But the missile wasn’t theirs, they insist.


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