Joe Biden names Anti-Israel Radical, as Deputy White House Press Secretary


It’s a good thing that we were able to catch Joe Biden and the Democrats rigging the election. If Harris and company managed to snatch power, along with the end of the Constitution, the west wing of the White House would be packed with terrorists. Anti-Israel radical Karine Jean-Pierre would have been named principal deputy press secretary.

Anti-Israel press radical

Democrats clearly live in an alternative universe. That’s why all their favorite words, phrases and philosophies have “anti” in them. Anti-fascism, Anti-American, Anti-Israel.

Progressives are against everything. If they managed to get their way, the world would die. President Donald Trump is the only thing standing in the way of evil world domination. CNN was drooling over the prospect of replacing press secretary Kayleigh McEnany with Karine Jean-Pierre, “an anti-Israel radical.”

Team Biden announced their decision to the network press on Sunday. All the major networks are still acting like he won the election. A major hearing in Phoenix, Arizona, on Monday painted a much different story.

The media, attorney Rudy Giuliani insisted to Arizona Lawmakers is just as complicit in the scheme to rig the election as anyone else. The state lawmakers have not just the ability, but the duty, to stand up for the constitution and refuse to certify an obviously fraudulent election result.

One of the reasons Jean-Pierre was selected for Democratic favor is as a reward for long and faithful service to Kamala Harris. She previously served as the gatekeeper to Kamala’s office and also acted as “a senior adviser” to the former prosecutor and Senator.

Handling the press should be a piece of cake, especially when they’re all on your side to start with. That kind of job is only fluff.

Not a friend to Israel

Biden already admitted that the PLA will have a place in his White House. Reema Dodin was named deputy director of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs. Jean-Pierre would be representing the Biden Administration in line with her long history of public statements.

She’s “known to be a vocal critic of Israel.” She spent a lot of time working with MoveOn which is notorious as “a far-Left anti-Israel group.” CNN and other liberal press networks don’t bat an eye when Jean-Pierre accuses Israel of committing “war crimes.”

You won’t be hearing the kind of “severely racist, Islamophobic rhetoric,” the Trump administration is famous for. The press hates the way the current leaders insist on “trafficking in anti-Muslim and anti-Arab rhetoric while lifting up Islamophobic voices and attitudes.”

Just because most suicide bombing terrorists happen to be Muslim doesn’t make every Arab a terrorist. However, a disproportionate of Muslim believers are ignorant savages who want to cut the heads off of anyone who disagrees with their narrow opinions.

Globalists who follow the instructions passed out by George Soros don’t like it when Pro-Jewish voices condemn Biden’s intended press secretary. The Zionist Organization of America officially issued a statement, calling Ms. Jean-Pierre “a radical Israel-hater and former spokesperson and senior advisor for the radical Soros-funded”

They don’t like her. “Ms. Jean-Pierre is thus advancing the sickening, dangerous, Orwellian ‘cancel destruction culture’ that falsely condemns and seeks to ostracize pro-Israel groups, even left-leaning ones, as Islamophobic, against human rights, and unfit to meet with.”


  1. Now if you are a Christian and voted for Biden, Do you realize that you voted against God’s chosen people
    We all have faults but according to the Bible you know a tree by the fruit it bares


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