Did Joe Biden Just Hint at Sending People to Concentration Camps?


Joe Biden had a special message for Americans on Thanksgiving. A lot of people are taking it as a declaration that FEMA sponsored concentration camps are in their future. His administration, he admits, will “find” all the “sick people” out there, he announced, and “get them away from one another.” That strategy may come back to bite them. Everyone from Antifa, to Barack Obama’s administrators, to the Clinton family may end up going to camp instead.

Covid camps to isolate dissent

The very first thing he’ll do, when he’s finally allowed into the White House, Joe Biden promises in a Thanksgiving announcement, is send those he considers a threat off to camps.

He promises to “have more testing to find all the sick people, and ‘get them away from one another,'” Daily Caller reported. The idea is allegedly to slow the number of infections. What happens to the ones who refuse testing? Probably forced quarantine anyway. Maybe in a special camp for those especially “deplorable” cases.

Biden knows full well, as he explained on TV, that “the federal government has vast powers to combat the virus,” or any other national emergency. He makes his intention clear he can send anyone off to the camps he wants to.

“I commit to you I will use all of those powers to lead a national coordinated response.” Joe Biden is already at war but he’s afraid the patriots will get the jump on him. He needs the Covid threat for the tiny sliver of legitimacy it gives him. Trump, on the other hand, already has ample evidence of sedition and insurrection.

That’s why Biden urges calm acceptance. Just drink the Kool-Aid, Creepy Joe insists, and everything will be alright. “Remember, we’re at war with a virus, not at war with each other. We still have months of this battle ahead of us.”

That’s not the way patriots see it. Patriots see a small window of opportunity that closes in a few weeks. Patriots see a battle brewing too. They agree that somebody needs to be sent off to the camps. Conservatives think it should be the Democrats.

Maybe not all the Democrats, but certainly the ones who have been rioting in the streets, looting and pillaging. They should be joined by each and every public official who endorsed anarchy instead of honoring their oath’s of office to defend law, order and the Constitution.

Certainly, there should be an extra-special camp for members of the Federal Bureau of Instigation and Department of Injustice saboteurs who plotted and conspired seditiously to overthrow a sitting American president.

Starting on ‘day one’

Joe Biden promises that “his administration’s new policies will change the course of the coronavirus pandemic on ‘day one.'” Anyone who wants to avoid the camps should “forego their traditions and limit their holiday plans to small gatherings.” Unless you plan to open your Christmas packages inside the burning Target store after smashing the windows with a hammer, you can’t gather in groups.

Americans, Biden insists must “make changes to their own lives.” He keeps using the progressive excuse that we must “mitigate the spread of Covid-19.” He’s all set to send folks to FEMA camps even though the Kung Flu is not much worse than the seasonal flu we get year after year.

The fact checkers don’t like anyone talking about the origins of a virus which seems custom tailored to attack elderly people and national economies. For a naturally occurring mutation, it works extremely well as a stand in for a bioweapon. Even guerrilla factions iced out of the Vatican for fighting an internal Holy War against the Deep Church insists that Covid is only a pretense.

President Donald Trump clearly and distinctly won the election in a landslide. Biden and the Democrats thought they could steal it away but got caught. They weren’t planning on conservatives to be able to assemble so much legitimate evidence that they couldn’t get their puppet politicians to sign off on all the final certifications.

Once the court gets to see all the evidence, Trump will be declared the official winner. For now, President Donald Trump is still the president. He’s the one who can declare the state of emergency. Democrats are the ones who need to fear the FEMA camps this time.


  1. I can see a Revolution on the horizon. Civil unrest is everywhere. Looks like it is getting close to lock and load. God bless America and God bless President Trump.

  2. That is what Hitler did with the Jews, keeping the “sick and diseased” away from the German people. Snowflakes will suddenly wake up and realize there is nobody to blame for this but themselves.

  3. And remember, it was Alcee Hastings, the impeached federal judge who idiots in Florida voted in to represent them in Congress, who authored the provision in a 2010 defense spending bill that allows this and our Constitution be damned. It might have been under this same bill when the money for FEMA camps was appropriated but it was under Obama’s watch because they were building them 10 years ago.

  4. Does this want to be president remind you of anyone that this nation has fought against in the past
    Maybe Hitler
    Is he for real or is he just as dumb as the people that voted for him
    What an example of the Dumbacrook thinking

  5. Socialist are noted for their use of concentration camps and gulags. That is the reason that Democrats still maintain their Plantation.


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