Well Respected Jonathan Turley, Sounds the Alarm on Biden Cabinet Short List


High profile and well respected legal writer Jonathan Turley used his soapbox column at The Hill to sound the alarm on someone the Biden team put on the really short list for the Attorney General cabinet post. Naming Sally Yates to the job is a serious case of putting a big vicious rat in charge of the government cheese.

Choice for AG starts alarm bells ringing

When Jonathan Turley talks, people listen, even Democrats. He’s Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. He’s so horrified at the thought of Sally Yates being named as Attorney General that he pulled the emergency alarm.

Warning bells are going off all over the beltway. It’s a good thing that Joe Biden got caught rigging the election and may go to jail for his pay for play scheme with Hunter. Democrats still refuse to accept that they’ve been busted.

Turley would be a lot happier if Democrats named Merrick Garland for Attorney General, had they legitimately won the election. They didn’t win fair and square, they cheated and more evidence is coming out every day.

There will be a smooth transition to a second Donald Trump administration. It’s a good thing too. Even democrats feel alarm at some of the Harris-Biden cabinet choices. Between terrorists and spooky deep state spies, the Constitution itself is in danger.

Turley decided to sound the alarm because her record should be raising serious questions about her judgement and they’re not. She had a chance as “acting” attorney general for a few days during the transition back in 2017 but blew that in epic proportions.

Democrats don’t see it that way. They turned her “agony of defeat” failure into a plus and made a martyr out of her.

Sabotage the incoming president

At the beginning of the Trump administration Loretta Lynch suddenly took a powder. Sally Yates got the temporary job, knowing it would only last a couple of weeks.

She used it to sabotage the incoming president. There was no “peaceful transition of power” that year. One week after appointing Yates as AG, he signed an executive order restricting terrorists from entering the country. Yates through a mutiny over it. There wasn’t any alarm then but there should have been.

When Trump ordered travel restrictions from “seven Muslim majority countries,” Yates “took the unprecedented step of ordering the Justice Department to refuse” the directive. Admittedly, the first version had some flaws, which were soon fixed.

Yates wasn’t interested in cooperating then, which is why Turley sounds the alarm now. “Yates could have worked with the White House to seek changes.” Instead, “she ordered a federal department to refuse to assist the president.”

She could have called the executive order “unlawful” but she didn’t. She could have resigned but she didn’t. Instead she refused to follow direct orders and President Trump rightfully fired her for insubordination.

The thing that justifies an alarm now is that it was such “a brilliant political move by Yates.” She made herself a martyr. “With only a couple days left in her post, Yates engineered her own firing and became a self-made hero for Democrats everywhere.”

It isn’t in her favor that she also signed off on the Obamagate wiretap warrants illegally obtained to spy on Carter Page, and through him, the Trump campaign. She also helped frame General Michael Flynn.


  1. It is not Biden he is the puppet He will be out in three months and we will have kamala She was p;aced in her position because she can be controlled


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