Democrats Show How Much They Hate America and Israel With Blocking Sanctions on Hamas


Democrats really hate America and they showed it in Congress with a vote to reject sanctions against the terror group Hamas. Our alleged ally Israel says, “gee, thanks a lot.” With friends like Joe Biden and the liberals, who needs enemies? Especially when Biden would rather be friends with Iran. Welcome to the New World Order.

Democrats love Hamas

The House vote to resurrect sanctions against designated terror group Hamas split 217-209 favoring the Democrats. The measure died before it got all the way to the floor. The idea had been to slap economic sanctions on “foreign individuals and governments” who have been supplying the Iranian proxy with rockets to lob at Israel.

Jerusalem has been pushing back hard, relentlessly striking Hamas leadership wherever they hide, even in the building which used to house the Associated Press.

Long ago, the State Department declared both Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad as terror groups and there’s nothing Democrats, including Rashida Tlaib, can do about it.

Conservative lawmaker Brian Mast representing Florida was trying to reauthorize the Palestinian International Terrorism Support Prevention Act. The last time around, it passed the house unanimously, but “failed to make it to the Senate floor.”

According to Mast, “Under my bill, the United States will sanction these groups that are supporting terrorism,” It’s a good thing he had a backup plan.

“Or if we do not pass this bill, we will not stand together to sanction these groups that are enabling this terrorism.” Democrats won that round.

Support from Republicans

Pro-Israel Republicans were fully on board with Mast’s proposal. California’s Kevin McCarthy, ranking Republican in the House, was chomping at the bit to vote for it.

“The ongoing rocket attacks against Israeli civilians show why America must unequivocally support Israel, condemn Hamas, and sanction those who fund terrorism,” he tweeted. Democrats suddenly decided it was toxic.

Every single one of the Democrats voted to slap Hamas with sanctions the last time they had it to play with. That time, it was the Senate that did it in.

This time, House progressives don’t want anything to do with it. Biden is more interested in appeasing Iran, who sponsors Hamas.

Political analysts say that its clear Democrats are refusing to bring it up this time “because so many of their members are pro-Hamas.” The last thing Pelosi wants is the optics of “betraying a close ally in the middle of a war.”

Rashida Tlaib was seen “speaking in front of a banner promoting Neturei Karta” That’s “an extremist Jewish sect that believes Israel must be destroyed and that Jews must be prevented from governing a state until the Messiah comes.”


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