Clinton Regime Member Breaks Silence on COVID

Clinton Regime Member Breaks Silence on Covid

A former member of the Clinton regime and current senior fellow at the Atlantic Council is calling for the United States to play a larger role in figuring out whether COVID actually leaked from a virology lab in Wuhan, China.

After a year of the left, the mainstream media, and Big Tech demonizing and deplatforming anyone who even dared to suggest that a poorly run virology lab just 400 yards away from the wet market where some of the first cases were discovered may actually be the source of the virus, they have now changed their minds. Naturally, the left is now jumping onboard this theory, despite calling it racist for nearly a year.

Jamie Metzl, a former national security official in the Clinton administration, spoke to CNBC’s Shepard Smith about the issue.

“Right now, the World Health Assembly is meeting, and the United States should be doing everything possible with our allies to demand a comprehensive investigation into Covid origins with full access to all the records, samples, and personnel in China and beyond,” Metzl said on “The News with Shepard Smith.”

“If China wants to thumb its nose at the rest of the world, in spite of more than 3 million people dead, let them make that statement,” he added.

Of course, these Democrats still support Joe Biden, who ended the investigation initiated by the Trump administration into the origins of COVID, replacing it with an investigation by the Intelligence Community that will rely on the communist China-backed World Health Organization. This was confirmed on May 24 by White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

CNBC reports: “Psaki said Monday that determining the origins of Covid-19 is up to an international investigation led by the World Health Organization, and that the U.S. cannot lead a probe on its own.”

According to Metzl, it is “critically important” to uncover the origins of the COVID pandemic, because without knowing the true cause, we are putting everyone “unnecessarily at risk.”

The World Health Organization (WHO), a group that is blatantly shilling for China, has repeatedly claimed that the virus jumped from bats to humans through another animal. The WHO is still trying to say that the lab-leak hypothesis is “extremely unlikely,” despite evidence to the contrary.

A previously undisclosed U.S. intelligence report shows that some researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were hospitalized after falling ill “with symptoms consistent with both Covid-19 and common seasonal illness,” according to an article from The Wall Street Journal, quoting from the report.

“Why would you have a bat coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan and not in southern China, where the horseshoe bats are located? And what we know that they do have in Wuhan, is China’s only level 4 virology institute, with the world’s largest collection of bat coronaviruses, that was doing aggressive research designed to make those pathogens more dangerous,” Metzl said.

The Clinton crony is actually correct. There is too much evidence at this point for it to just be a mere coincidence. Conservatives have been saying this for a year now, but we’ve been called crazy conspiracy theorists. Of course, it took the hive mind left a year to catch up to reality.


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