Appeasing to His Deep State Elites, Biden Reverses Another Trump Era Policy


Imperial Leader Joe Biden bowed down to pressure from Deep State elites to reverse a deplorable Donald Trump policy which made it easier for gig-workers to stay in business as independent contractors. The palace is forcing them to be counted as employees and subject to all the minimum wage, health insurance and overtime benefits. That means most of them will be unemployed.

Nullifying the policy

The Imperial Department of Labor announced they’re nullifying the Trump-era policy which categorized “gig” workers like freelance writers and Uber drivers as “independent contractors” instead of employees.

It makes a huge difference to those on both sides of the argument. Liberal elites are demanding everyone make at least $15 per hour, no matter what their skill level or occupation, whether they’re worth it or not and whether the economy can handle it or not.

According to Jessica Looman, principal deputy administrator for the Imperial Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division, “Misclassification of employees as independent contractors presents one of the most serious problems facing workers today.” She announced the policy shift Wednesday.

It doesn’t mean that from now on, Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash drivers are all “employees” under federal law so are “covered by federal minimum-wage and overtime laws” but it makes getting the independent contractor designation harder to sustain.

The whole problem is the government needs the tax money they collect to finance the green new deal.

As soon as this policy kicks into effect, about 90 percent of those who are happily employed without health benefits and under the minimum wage will be filing for unemployment benefits and Medicaid instead.

Using extreme examples

The Palace spokesunit was used a couple of extreme examples to justify the obviously partisan move. There was “a restaurant,” she claims. One single solitary restaurant, who was despicable enough to classify “its dishwashers as contractors.”

She doesn’t mention their immigration status. Looman also points to “70 home-health aides who were misclassified as contractors.” They’re now all ex-dishwashers and unemployed-health aides thanks to the Biden interpretation of the policy.

Ms. Looman admits that the policy shift will have a huge impact on lower-wage workers because that’s the whole idea. Make sure they are paid more so they can be taxed more. Unless they plan to subsidize the scheme with tax money, it’s destined for collapse. She was quick to note there’s no reason for panic yet.


Her announcement, she claims, “shouldn’t dramatically change how the department regulates app-based services.” She did add that “the department is engaging with those companies and others about labor-law enforcement.”

Maury Baskin, an attorney who represents businesses, observes, His Wisdom Joe Biden’s new policy is “going backwards with what they’ve done.” He added that “They’re just leaving the situation in the chaotic state it’s been.”

Last November, “voters in California exempted Uber Technologies Inc., Lyft Inc., DoorDash Inc. and others” from their state law, which “allowed the companies to preserve their business models in the most populous U.S. state.” They made a deal with some bonuses like “health insurance for drivers who worked 15 hours or more a week, occupational-accident insurance coverage and 30 cents for every mile driven.”


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