Ex AG William Barr Lurks Out from the Swamp, Makes Odd Announcement


Ex-Attorney General William Barr oozed up out of the murky cesspool in the swamp where he’s been lurking. He had the perfect opportunity to make America great again and he blew it. As soon as he could turn tail and run from the spotlight of public attention, he vanished from the radar. Now he’s back and calling public schools “unconstitutional.” Conservatives agree but are scratching their heads, wondering why he would make such an odd announcement now.

‘Not fair,’ Barr accuses

The first time he dared to show his face in front of a TV camera, Barr blasted the “secular progressive orthodoxy through government-run schools,” and insists that “public funding for education may be unconstitutional.”

Taxpayers, he argues, shouldn’t be footing the bill for liberal propaganda. Especially when they’re so touchy about conservative issues. Things like the needs of “religious believers” who are treated with hostility by state-funded schools.

As reported by Faux News, the “time has come to admit that the approach of giving militantly secularist government schools a monopoly over publicly funded education has become a disaster,” Barr told an assembled crowd in Naples, Florida.

The way he put it, the radical ideology “running rampant through the public school system is incompatible with traditional Christianity and other major religions in the U.S.” Yes, evangelicals are angry, but the Buddhists just put up with the abuse. Muslims are furious they can’t throw down their prayer rugs in the middle of Science Class.

Because of that, “it may no longer be fair, practical or even constitutional to provide publicly funded education solely through the vehicle of state-funded schools.”

The radical solution surprised the crowd at the Council for National Policy’s annual meeting. Barr was lured up out of the swamp with promises of an award from the Alliance Defending Freedom. They’re a legal group which defends religious liberty.

Critical Race theory

Barr was cheesed off about the way “critical race theory” is being forced on impressionable children as part of the “Black Lives Matter curricula.” It’s amazing that BLM even has a curricula when nobody can figure out addition or subtraction. Biology is much more of an art than a science these days too. What teachers are promoting in the modern classroom is straight out of Mein Kampf. Marxism, the former AG declares, is “substituting race for class antagonism.” He’s right.

Racism was nearly stomped out in the 1970’s by television shows which pointed out how ignorant everyone was behaving. Democrats preferred Blacks on the plantation so made sure that racism was continued full blast at every opportunity. The way to maintain racism is to keep everyone’s attention on it constantly.


After a Social Studies class on how to properly build and use Molotov cocktails, today’s students hear the bell and dutifully move down the hall to Biology class. There, students are indoctrinated to believe that “gender is not immutable, but rather fluid and open to self-interpretation.”

They aren’t told that it’s an experiment in species extinction. “This is not established science,” Barr insists, “but is rather the moral, psychological, metaphysical dogma of the new orthodoxy.” It simply doesn’t work. These ideas, he adds are “”a broadsided attack on natural law.”

What the liberal left is doing to the next generation is criminal, and Barr won’t stand for it. “It’s monstrous of the state to indoctrinate students into alternate belief systems.” Conservatives have been fighting back by passing state level legislation that would “ban or impose restrictions on teaching critical race theory in public schools.”

Liberals are also infuriated by the way conservatives states “have also moved to enact laws prohibiting transgender athletes who were born males but identify as or have begun to transition to female from playing on girls sports teams.” The whole LGBTQ thing is nothing but psychological birth control. Parents are livid about the “sexually explicit material being taught in the classroom” these days.


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