BLM: ‘We Gonna Blow Your Mother F***ing Head Off’


Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists called for violence and revenge attacks against cops at a “protest” in Kansas City whilst they blocked traffic in a large intersection on the anniversary of the death of George Floyd.

Memorializing the death of a criminal by making criminal threats is something we’ve come to expect from BLM.

“Cause we’re tired of being shot and killed because we’re gonna get pulled over for air fresheners,” one of the terrorists said, referring to the alleged reason that Daunte Wright was pulled over in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota in April. Wright was killed by an officer who accidentally pulled her firearm rather than her taser.
“I’m waiting for one of those mother f*ckers to pull me over,” the BLM terrorist said. “Cause baby where I’m from, we don’t give two f*cks about the police.”Andy Ngo, Editor-at-large of the Post Millennial, shared a video of the event on Twitter:

“Let them kill one of ours. Guess what we doing? We kill one of theirs in Chicago baby,” the terrorist continued. “We gonna knock on your door. We gonna blow your mother f*cking head off.”Video from the event shows cars trying to pass through the intersection and blaring their horns at the BLM terrorists, who confront the drivers and block them from passing. In the video clip, they can be heard screaming about “racist police pigs” who have “killed black men in Kansas City.”

A Twitter user by the name of John Curtis shared video of the event, writing: “It appears as if KCPD has ordered the demonstrators out of the streets. And the hard ass that was talking about knocking on doors and shooting police is currently talking with officers.”

“Prior to blm KC disbanding due to a large police presence, a driver in a pickup truck blared his horn multiple times, causing a few protesters to confront him while holding signs. The pickup driver and others behind him ended up reversing and turning around,” a subsequent tweet read.


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