Teacher Caught on Live Video…What She is Teaching Your Kids is SCARY


We hear about radicalized child-soldiers fighting for violent revolutionaries in Africa, the Middle-East, South and Central America but now… in Portland, Oregon? It isn’t just a scary idea anymore. According to Chris Rufo of City Journal: Yes. And it’s just terrifying. Rufo appeared on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle to explain his recent exposé.

It’s Really Getting Scary

Rufo told Ingraham, “Portland area schools have adopted a new philosophy called ‘The Pedagogy of the Oppressed’ which was originally a Marxist theory that came from Brazil as one of their key teaching frameworks. And what you’re seeing is that students are being told that they need to achieve ‘critical consciousness about their own oppression’ and then the education system needs to be reoriented towards achieving liberation and achieving revolution. And you see it in every facet of the schooling.”

In video obtained by Rufo: a coach from the “techsmart” program which is supposed to improve student’s literacy is heard explaining to K thru 5 students their role and training in “the fight for justice” she said,

“Justice fighters, you may have heard some things in the news about people protesting and injustices in our country. You’ve trained for this moment all year, to fight for justice. Now is the time to show that you will fight for justice”

From What?!? To WHAT THE F***!?!?!?

Keep reading, it gets worse:

Just outside Portland in the Beaverton School District, a video was presented in which Social Justice Activist and Author Sonya Renee Taylor explains to THIRD GRADERS that non-people of color should just say ‘I’m racist’ and acknowledge that America is a racist nation.

“One of the most freeing things that white people can do or non-poc people, actually any human being on the planet could do right now is to just say ‘of course I’m racist’.

What happens when I say ‘of course I’m racist’ is what it does is, it says ‘Oh, this is not a personal or moral failing, this is not because I’m a bad person. This is not because I’m some evil terrible being, this is because, that is the structure of this society that I’ve been immersed in'”

What has Taylor written, given that she’s billed in the video as an author?

Remember now, she was featured in a video for THIRD GRADERS.

Taylor has written such well known titles as “The Body Is Not An Apology – the Power of Radical Self-Love” which has some notable cover art featuring the author: totally nude except for some strategically placed flower pedals. And a more kid-friendly version “Celebrate Your Body (And Its Changes, Too!) The Ultimate Puberty Book for Girls.” which at least has a tamer cover. So… why is an “expert” on puberty giving a presentation about Racism and Critical Race Theory to Third Graders?

Somebody from Beaverton should really explain this.


Rufo wrote in his City Journal exposé,

 “On Inauguration Day, teenage radicals marched through southeast Portland, smashing the office windows of the state Democratic Party and unfurling large banners with hand-painted demands: “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge”; “We are ungovernable”; “A new world from the ashes.” Intoxicated by revolution and enabled by their elders, Portland’s kids are not all right.”

He continued to explain, “In the language of the Left, the political education programs in Portland-area districts constitute a “school-to-radicalism pipeline”: a training ground for child soldiers. This is not hyperbole: some of the most active and violent anarchist groups in Portland are run by teenagers, and dozens of minors were arrested during last year’s riots.”

Finally, Chris dropped the bomb on Laura Ingraham,

“I think what’s most important and most damning: Is that not only were many children arrested during those riots but actually many Portland public school teachers were arrested.

And through my reporting I’ve shown that some of these teachers despite being arrested for violent riots are still employed by the district. They’ve doubled and tripled down on revolutionary rhetoric and that’s exactly what they’re pushing to the youngest people in our society.”

Child soldiers are a nightmarish calling card of any Marxist revolution. It is telling, disheartening and terrifying that we see them now in American streets.


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