ALERT: Biden Team Promises to Go After Conservatives, Fully Silence Anyone Who Stands in the Way of the Deep State


In case their was any doubt, Team Biden just made it official that they have plans to silence anyone who stands in the way of their Deep State objectives. The moment that accused criminal Quid Pro Joe sets foot in the White House, laws become meaningless. Rigged election or no rigged election.

Biden Team promises conservative censorship

The first thing Joe Biden will do after he lights his courtesy copy of the constitution on fire after usurping the Oval Office is stamp out what used to be protected free speech. He’s just dying to convene an “internet censorship task force” to combat what he calls “disinformation and hate speech.” Americans call the same words “the truth.”

No sane person, Biden insists, is in favor of the “online harassment, stalking, and abuse that now is a too-frequent reality for Americans, particularly for young people and women.”

That gives him all the excuse he needs to ignore the Constitution, proving it’s already been replaced by Democrat whim. At best, the idea is what’s commonly called a “Trojan Horse.”

By censoring what Democrats consider “disinformation” and “hate speech” they can silence anything at all that disagrees with the progressive New World Order narrative.

In practice, Biden will censor any “speech that the elites don’t favor, including explorations of the motivating ideology behind jihad terrorism.” With the Constitution tossed in the trash, the muslim wing of the Democrat party is all set to replace it with Sharia law.

Love your local suicide bomber

Islamic groups, propped up by their progressive allies on the western left, “have been insisting for years that discussing how Islamic jihadis use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism amounts to ‘hate speech.'”

Team Biden wants you to reach out and hug your local suicide bomber and show him some love and compassion before he goes off for his appointment with the 72 virgins.

The Biden website is literally promising internet censorship. He plans “to convene a task force to create best practices for containing online harassment, which disproportionately affects women and young people.”

He plans to “shine a light on the online harassment, stalking, and abuse that now is a too-frequent reality for Americans, particularly for young people and women.”

The Jihad is coming to main street America. As Harris and Biden describe, “culture change must extend to our online lives.” Once the Democrats get all those pesky deplorables off of social media, and all those conservative news sites which keep disagreeing with the official stories, then they can remake America into Venezuela in no time.


  1. What Joey Biden does not yet realize and probably never will is that he is a fall guy for the radical left. Kamala hates his guts as does Bernie, AOC, Omar, and many more. IF Joe does set foot in the White House with the scum of Obama on his shoes he will soon be declared incompetent and Kamala will take the wheel. Joe will melt away while in isolation and Jill and Hunter will be ever so happy with all of that China and Russian money. You deserve the grief that is about to engulf you Joe and that is called KARMA!

    • Most voters, including some very intelligent people, get all of their news from the mainstream media (NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC ETC) and those networks NEVER air any negative stories about Democrats of any kind. I would guess that 90% of voting Americans have no idea about the extortion that Biden engaged in to get his son Hunter a boatload of money from China. They also never heard about his negative remarks about Blacks back in the 1970’s and 80’s. He’s one of the biggest RACISTS in the country and they keep calling Trump racist. Joe has made so many racist comments over the years that he would never get another Black vote if they heard all of his comments. On top of all of this, the Democrats obviously rigged the election with mail in votes (50 million of them). Joe Stalin once said “those who vote decide nothing. The ones who count the votes decide everything”

  2. Special Note to Joe: Joe, the principal reason I wanted for you to see this note to the President is you are one of the best examples of the self-serving, witless, cowards who have made America’s soldiers into mercenaries since the end of WWII. As a ground combat veteran with over 26 years service I can testify that of all the creatures my fellows would like to have with us on the battlefield for just one day are those like you serving in high places in the oligarchy. Should you survive even one day I assure you your attitude would be changed 180 degrees!

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    Note of thanks to President Trump: Sir, may I thank you for your role in providing the possibility that one old soldier may actually die a soldier’s death, in spite of the fact that he and all of America’s soldiers being regulated to nothing short of mercenaries since the end of WWII! In closing Sir, must report that only two of the five retired officers who provided you the Citizens Emergency Constitutional Ordinance (CECO) in 2017 designed to assist you in cleaning up the swamp have survived to date. Though both of us are ground combat veterans and are willing to accept any assignment should we be called to assist in any fight we do have one request. We respectively request that we not be tasked to tote one of those damn M-60’s, OK? Again, thank you Sir for your outstanding leadership to date.

    Again, thank you Sir for your outstanding leadership to date.

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

  3. The only place Pedo Joe will be going is back to his Basement. If Democraps CHEATING holds or not. Nutsy and the DNC will boot Pedo Joe the instant the results are in. The Ho will be the one the Democraps enthrone. If they win the Seats in the Senate from Georgia it will be exactly that a Throne. If Democraps get control America will cease to exist. They will strip the second amendment away then the rest will fall as well. The Ho will destroy America with poverty due to taxes and an endless flood ILLEGALS pouring to get the free stuff she promises.


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