Breaking: Biden Campaign Member ARRESTED…

Breaking: Biden Campaign Member ARRESTED...

A coordinated ballot harvesting operation has been uncovered in Texas which involves a Biden campaign member, a state senator, and a county commissioner.

Affidavits filed with the Supreme Court of Texas (SCOTX) describe a coordinated ballot harvesting operation in Harris County.

Two testimonials specifically name Houston Democrat State Senator Boris Miles and Democrat Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis as leaders of an election fraud scheme which involved stealing absentee ballots from nursing homes and forging the signatures of the voters.

Dallas Jones, a political operative overseeing the Biden campaign’s Harris County operation, was also named in the affidavits.

The witness testimony in the affidavits was submitted in conjunction with a lawsuit filed by several people, including Steven Hotze, a conservative activist.

A former FBI agent, now private investigator, wrote in his sworn testimony that he had begun investigating ballot harvesting allegations in December of 2019, after two individuals informed him that they had witnessed illegal ballot harvesting activity.

According to the investigator, witnesses have alleged that Miles and Ellis orchestrated the ballot harvesting scheme, and have alleged that the two Democrats were assisted by Gerald Womack, a Houston businessman, and Dallas Jones, who witnesses described as “chief lieutenants.”

Dallas Jones, previously a district director for both Democrat State Representative Garnet Coleman and State Senator Rodney Ellis, was named the Texas political director for the Biden-Harris Campaign earlier this year.

According to the testimony, ballot harvesters stole absentee ballots from “the elderly in nursing homes, from the homeless, and from unsuspecting residences’ mailboxes.” The operatives then fill out the ballots and forge the voter’s signature.

Witnesses also told the investigator that two Harris County Clerk’s Office employees were facilitating the operation by mixing the forged ballots in with legally submitted ballots.

The affidavit also alleges that the previous County Clerk, Diane Trautman, was aware of the illegal actions and the investigation. Trautman, who resigned abruptly in May, allegedly told Ellis that she was worried about being arrested for election fraud.

In his testimony, a former Houston police officer asserts that he has videotaped corroboration of these claims.


  1. Treason, that is what ballot harvesting is. Treason is not a slap the wrist punishment thing, but a death by hanging thing if convicted. There should be many “swingers” after the vast number of traitors involved in this massive treasonous stealing attempt of our Nations HIGHEST OFFICE.

  2. How in the world are these people misinterpreting what happened-somehow they got the idea that they were stopping voter fraud, but I have read all of the blogs, studied social media and listened to both the Democrats and their propaganda machine and it has become obvious there is no such thing as voter fraud. They all say so, and God knows none of the people listed would ever tell the truth (I mean lie). I’ve seen a lot of cases where people thought they saw voter fraud, but each of these stories is accompanied by a statement saying, “this comment is disputed” so I know it must be wrong. I think it’s time to burn the son-of-a-bitch to the ground (I know this an acceptable statement, because every Democrat and every Democrat minion says it every day and I’ve never seen an objection to it) and start all over. There,

  3. Yet another example of VOTE FRAUD the MORON MEDIA won’t tell about their MASTERS the Democraps in fear that they will lose their feeding spot of the Democraps RECTUMS.

  4. There should be a lot more arrests on the horizon for political lawbreakers who have relied heavily on their party staying in power to protect them from legal actions against their deeds.


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