Trump Furious, FBI Hillary Fan Club Endorses Biden…Christopher Wray About to Be Sh*t Canned


President Donald Trump is furious with Christopher Wray. Four full years after winning the election in 2016, the Federal Bureau of Instigation is still out to get him. When the bureau branch of the Hillary Clinton Fan Club endorsed Joe Biden on Thursday, the president made it clear to the press that the Deep State rat is real close to being “sh*t canned.” The public backs him up completely. The chief instigator turned out to be a total disappointment at eliminating fraud, choosing instead to shield the instigation bureau’s corrupt internal swamp from exposure to the light.

Christopher Wray unmasked

The alleged director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, warned a House committee on Thursday that Russia was “actively pursuing a disinformation campaign” against Joe Biden but the Chinese and Iranians are no big deal. The Deep State director also expressed alarm about violent RIGHT WING extremist groups while debunking claims of Antifa involvement. He only grudgingly acknowledged they organize in groups under intense cross examination. He’s more afraid of skinheads but in all this time, hasn’t done a single thing about it. That’s because the Deep State needs them for their part in Helter Skelter. It’s not surprising considering all the “criminals” in the bowels of the bureau who already walked free.

“Racially motivated violent extremism,” Wray testified to the House Homeland Security Committee, “mostly from white supremacists, has made up a majority of domestic terrorism threats.” He also brought up a highly controversial intelligence community report intentionally leaked by Democrats last month to claim that Russia was conducting a “very active” campaign to “spread disinformation and interfere in the presidential election, with Mr. Biden as the primary target.” If the FBI isn’t biased, then why did he suddenly “require bias training” classes? Not to mention the revelation that the Robert Muller probe really was nothing but a baseless witch hunt and everybody knew it long before it started, yet it continues behind the scenes.

The top priority of the FBI is protecting the image of Joe Biden, not protecting the election. Homeland Security officials “have seldom singled out the Russian threat without grouping it with China and Iran.” Christopher Wray goes rogue and misleadingly declares “the intelligence community had reached a consensus that Russia was interfering in the election and targeting Mr. Biden.” In his remarks Friday, President Trump noted, “Obviously China is at the top of the list and I think Russia and North Korea and many other countries can be talked about, but China would be at the top of that list, so I don’t know why that’s not mentioned.”

Antifa an ‘ideology or movement’ not an organization

Things really got spooky when Christopher Wray began obviously defending Antifa-linked domestic terrorists. The FBI does not want to know who is organizing the riots, buying the gas to burn down liberal cities, and supplying everything else that looters and arsonists require. Instead, they’re afraid of White “supremacists” intimidating Black folks. He singles out two groups specifically, yet has no explanation for why they continue to remain such a threat when he knows all about them. It’s because he’s going to need them later to help get the civil war started after Trump wins the election in November. Burning down Kenosha was protected free speech. The FBI thinks “racially motivated violent extremism, mostly from white supremacists, has made up a majority of domestic terrorism threats.”

Wray’s direct superior, Attorney General William Barr, sides with the president, describing Antifa as “the ramrod for the violence.” President Trump was more forceful in his remarks. “I look at them as a bunch of well funded ANARCHISTS & THUGS who are protected because the Comey/Mueller inspired FBI is simply unable, or unwilling, to find their funding source, and allows them to get away with ‘murder.'” When the director called Antifa an “ideology or movement” rather than an organization, Daniel Crenshaw of Texas wasn’t about to let him get away with it.

“That seems to me to be downplaying it,” Crenshaw challenged. Wray oozed back, “I by no means mean to minimize the seriousness of the violence and criminality that is going on across the country, some of which is attributable to people inspired by or who self-identify with that ideology or movement. We’re focused on that violence, that criminality.” Just don’t slap the Antifa brand label on the violence because it makes George Soros look bad.

After the committee hammered him harder on the subject, Wray finally admitted, “we have any number of properly predicated investigations into what we would describe as violent anarchist extremists and some of those individuals self-identify with Antifa.” So the terrorists know Antifa is an organization but the FBI doesn’t. How interesting. He also admitted that “the individuals who identify with the Antifa movement were coalescing regionally into what you might describe as small groups or nodes.” He claims they are being investigated. They will get just as much of a thorough and rigorous investigation as Hillary Clinton’s email server did. Right after they wrap up the “Crossfire Hurricane” probe into Donald Trump or after the civil war, whichever comes first.


  1. Wray and the Muller/Comey groomed top tier og the FBI need to be dissmissed to promote efficiency in the agency.

    The “Rot at the top” in the Federal agencies started with appointments and intake under Clinton, then it composted under Bush and matured under Obama. The FBI today is the closest thing to a Soviet America has ever seen .

  2. I believe that transparency in our government is very important.
    I also believe that President Trump has done well in pointing this out.
    If hillary clinton would have been nominated
    we would have been in the dark about everything.


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