Weaponized Justice Dept. Decides to Go After Republican State

Weaponized Justice Dept. Decides to Go After Republican State

In typical Democrat fashion, Joe Biden has weaponized his Justice Department against common sense measures being taken by the GOP-led state of Georgia.

Common Sense Election Laws

Georgia’s new election law, S.B. 202, “requires absentee voters to provide a voter ID instead of the current signature matching verification process, standardized early voting hours to a minimum of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. while giving individual counties the option to expand that to a maximum of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and limited drop boxes to either one per county or one for every 100,000 voters,” according to reporting by The Washington Examiner.

The law would also ban outside groups from passing out water or food to people waiting in line at polling places. The left is extremely angry about this, claiming that it is voter suppression because it would make people leave the line to get hydrated. Of course, the left is completely ignoring the truth in this instance. Water will still be available for voters, but it will have to be provided by the polling place to prevent improper or illegal influence of voters in line.

Lawsuit Claims

The Biden Department of Justice has announced a lawsuit against Georgia over its newly implemented election laws, with Attorney General Merrick Garland claiming that these laws restrict the rights of black people in the state.

“Our complaint alleges that recent changes to Georgia’s election laws were enacted with the purpose of denying or abridging the right of black Georgians to vote on account of their race or color, in violation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act,” Garland said in a June 25 speech, adding, “The rights of all eligible citizens to vote are the central pillars of our democracy. They are the rights from which all other rights ultimately flow.”

It is obvious that the Biden administration has been planning this for a while. In early June, Garland gave a speech stating that he would be doubling the number of enforcement staff in the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division in order to ‘protect voting rights.’

“We are scrutinizing new laws that seek to curb voter access, and where we see violations, we will not hesitate to act,” Garland said.

The assistant attorney general for civil rights Kristen Clarke spoke out against the legislation alongside Garland.

“The Civil Rights Division did not arrive at this decision lightly. It’s our job to follow the facts and the law, and, in this case, our careful assessment of the facts and the law demonstrates that Georgia’s recent voting rights law violates Section Two of the Voting Rights Act,” Clarke said, adding, “Our complaint today alleges that several provisions of SB 202 were passed with a discriminatory purpose in violation of the Voting Rights Act. The Georgia legislature passed SB 202 through a rushed process that departed from normal practice and procedure.”

“These legislative actions occurred at a time when the black population in Georgia continues to steadily increase,” Clarke continued. “After a historic election that saw record voter turnout across the state, particularly for absentee voting, which black voters are now more likely to use than white voters, our complaint challenges several provisions of SB 202 on the grounds that they were adopted with the intent to deny or abridge black citizens equal access to the political process.”

Fighting Back Against Democrat Lies

Officials within Georgia are fighting back against the allegations, including the ridiculous claim that the laws are “Jim Crow 2.0.”

Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp condemned the partisan actions of Biden’s weaponized DOJ in a statement.

“This lawsuit is born out of the lies and misinformation the Biden administration has pushed against Georgia’s Election Integrity Act from the start,” the governor said. “Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, and their allies tried to force an unconstitutional elections power grab through Congress – and failed. Now, they are weaponizing the U.S. Department of Justice to carry out their far-left agenda that undermines election integrity and empowers federal government overreach in our democracy. As Secretary of State, I fought the Obama Justice Department twice to protect the security of our elections – and won. I look forward to going three for three to ensure it’s easy to vote and hard to cheat in Georgia.”

Even Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s RINO secretary of state, has repeatedly defended the election law signed by Governor Kemp in March.

“Democrats and national media outlets asserting that Georgia’s election reform will ‘restrict access’ to voting are just partisan talking points, not facts. The cries of ‘voter suppression’ from those on the left ring hollow,” the secretary of state said in March. “I’m a straight shooter. I call it like I see it. I did that to the chagrin of many in my own party when I spoke out against the false claim that Georgia has systematic voter fraud. And I’m doing it now.”

“The Left said that photo ID for in-person voting would suppress votes,” Raffensperger continued. “It didn’t. Registration and turnout soared, hitting new records with each election cycle. Their cataclysmic predictions about the effects of this law are simply baseless. The next election will prove that, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for the Left and the media to admit they were wrong. … I’m a conservative Republican, but I’ve proven I’ll take a political hit to treat everyone equally under the law and stand up for the rights of all Georgians.”

“There’s no rational argument against requiring state ID — provided for free to those who don’t have a driver’s license — for absentee ballots. I implemented our first version of that last year — every absentee ballot request that came in through the state website was cross-referenced with the driver’s license database and other records,” Raffensperger added. “This also requires counties to offer more weekend voting and puts drop boxes into law for the first time — the State Board of Elections adopted them as an emergency measure last year in response to the pandemic and would have gone away without direct action by the General Assembly.”

Raffensperger also spoke out against Democrats’ claim that Georgia’s new election laws were akin to “Jim Crow 2.0,” stating, “These narratives are as lazy, biased and political as they are demonstrably wrong.”

In an April interview with Fox News, Raffensperger spoke further about the left’s allegations, stating, “Unfortunately, that Jim Crow lie is dangerous for election confidence… Going back and using pejorative terms like Jim Crow — there is nothing in this bill like Jim Crow at all… It is not a racist bill — having a driver’s license number is supported by two-thirds of all Georgians — African Americans support it, Caucasians support it, Democrats support it, and Republicans.”

Other prominent Republicans have also called out the partisan attack on Georgia’s right to regulate its own elections.

“Joe Biden and the Democrats are weaponizing the Department of Justice. The Republican National Committee will never stop fighting for election integrity,” wrote Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.

In response to the lies about the Georgia election law, the Republican National Committee’s official Twitter account shared data showing that the various provisions within the law are supported by the majority of Georgia’s citizens, ending their tweet by stating: “Biden is weaponizing the DOJ.”

The RNC also released a full statement about Biden’s weaponized DOJ:


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