Main Stream Media Drums Up Completely FALSE Story on Trump Family


CNN has decided to take another wack at their Piñata-like credibility as a media outlet just to see if another few million clicks fall out.

The most recent trashy, hit-piece depicts a growing gap between President Trump and his daughter Ivanka and Son-In-Law Jared Kushner. With no evidence, no proof, merely based upon the American people’s trust in the media as an arbiter of truth… In other words, it’s pure bulls***.

In their farce of a report, the disgraced Cable News Network cites the following sources: “one clubgoer and family friend”, “A person familiar with Kushner “, “a person who worked in the administration.”, “A member of Trump’s team”, “One person who spoke with the former President in the last two weeks”, “Two people familiar with conversations Trump has had”, “another former Trump White House official.”, “one of the people close to Kushner”, “Another friend of Kushner’s”,”The person familiar with Trump’s thinking”.

The Mainstream Media Still Thinks This Is Acceptable

Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go. No one, nobody on the left or the right believes this. If they are saying that they do, then they are merely virtue signaling. Everyone knows that this and stories like it are patently false.

Maybe twenty years ago, back when CNN and other mainstream outlets still had some credibility they could get away with this kind of anonymous sourcing, but honestly, it is 2021 kids, if you don’t have someone who will go on record with a name or a hyperlink to the video: JUST. DON’T. BOTHER. Nobody is buying it.

This story doesn’t merit any further referencing it so if you really want to read it and give CNN the click then the link is above, but let’s focus on something important: according to MorningConsult CNN’s credibility and the mainstream media’s as a whole plunged from 2018 through 2021 and have yet to truly recover. They wrote,

“Morning Consult trend data shows an erosion of media credibility during the past few years: Average trust declined by 11 points since 2017, with the aforementioned print, broadcast, cable and radio outlets all seeing between 9- and 14-point drops. Among Democrats, Fox News and The Wall Street Journal saw the sharpest declines of 14 and 12 points, respectively, while Republicans’ views of every outlet declined by double digits, led by 19-point plunges for NBC and MSNBC and 17-point drops for CNN, ABC and the Journal.”

Point Blank: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, even Fox, you just can’t write this kind of crap using just a dozen anonymous sources anymore.

As they say on Twitter “pics or it didn’t happen”. In this case, we need names, hyperlinks, videos. We need people going ON. THE. RECORD. Or prepare to be consigned to the tabloid gossip pile where you belong.


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