The Truth About Proud Boys and the Web of Lies Surrounding the Group


The Proud Boys is admittedly on the extreme-far-right fringe of the patriot movement but despite their over their top rhetoric, they have managed to stay calm and collected. There is no doubt that they’re just itching for violent action but that doesn’t mean that the lies the media is telling about them are justified.

The whole controversy proves exactly why we need professional law enforcement patrolling our streets instead of amateurs but if the pros won’t do it, the vigilantes will.

Two factions in the Proud Boys

The Proud Boys are undoubtedly a far-right patriot organization and they passionately fight for Truth, Justice, and the American way in social media and at protest rallies, hell bent on defending “western civilization.”

For the most part, that means standing up for the American Constitution by exercising their Second Amendment rights to own and bear weapons.

Newsweek and other members of the liberal media, offended by people who still treat the Constitution as a valid document, have zeroed in on a radical far-right wing of the already far-right Proud Boys, called the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights.

They are guilty as charged by Newsweek of being “ready to openly embrace racism, dropping any pretenses of wanting support of non-white people.” That doesn’t mean that other patriot groups agree with them.

The Proud Boys were tired of being physically attacked by Antifa supporting members of the Black Lives Matter movement so they turned to some of their more aggressive members to provide some security. If BLM wanted to scuffle, then the boys were ready to scuffle back with their own “tactical defense arm.”

Nasty and ignorant things

Kyle Chapman, the founder of those defense forces, is well documented saying some nasty and ignorant racist things which educated conservatives condemn completely. The Proud Boys disagree with most of the hard-core racist rhetoric, but this fight is about free speech too.

The Constitution is the thing that matters. As long as the bigots continue to act within their lawful bounds, their blatant racism is overlooked in the ranks.

These radicals do not have the support of the vast majority of patriots, and nobody can deny that they advocate improper offensive violence. That’s exactly why we need legitimate law enforcement on the streets of America.

Some of the do-it-your-selfers are going to get out of hand. The proud boys aren’t the only organized or dis-organized patriots ready to take the law into their own hands.

The main Proud Boys organization may be a lot more radical than most patriot groups, but so far, they have stayed on the right side of the law.

For all their bluster and trash talk, they remain totally focused on defense of the Constitution and their Second Amendment rights. They can’t wait to go kick Antifa a$$ but they haven’t started dragging them out of their cars and beating them yet.


  1. Core Values Of The Proud Boys

    Minimal Government
    Maximum Freedom
    Anti-Political Correctness
    Anti-Drug War
    Closed Borders
    Anti-Racial Guilt
    Pro-Free Speech (1st Amendment)
    Pro-Gun Rights (2nd Amendment)
    Glorifying the Entrepreneur
    Venerating the Housewife
    Reinstating a Spirit of Western Chauvinism

    Though these are our central tenets, all that is required to become a Proud Boy is that a man declare he is “a Western chauvinist who refuses to apologize for creating the modern world.” We do not discriminate based upon race or sexual orientation/preference. We are not an “ism”, “ist”, or “phobic” that fits the Left’s narrative. We truly believe that the West Is The Best and welcome those who believe in the same tenets as us.

  2. I guess when the main stream media and the most vocal political leaders hold American citizens up as racists and other things just because they hold to the US Constitution as the linch-pin of this country they get a little tired of it! When these people offer instead socialism or communism as the preferred alternate their saying “no way” is somehow to the right of the political spectrum.

    This article doesn’t mention that the Proud Boys have all races in their membership. From what I understand the President is Black. While there are probably some white supremists, as the article acknowledges, there is no problem as long as they stay on the right side of the law. I find it amazing how no matter how left wing their opposites are there is never a mention of what they stand for. Remember Portland and the other riots we have witnessed here this year?

    The Proud Boys are the natural response to this. When the left mobilizes thousands of rioters/protestors the average citizen, knowing that the police/sheriffs can’t handle it, look at the 2d Amendment and realize they may have to respond as American citizens to protect themselves, their families, their community and their state. For those that say “what about the National Guard” realize they really aren’t that big. That is why the unorganized militia exists. That is you and me!

  3. You people don’t seem to ever get what this is all about, all you’re seeing is a small fraction of what we really are willing to do to preserve our country. We’ve been defending this country for more than 300 years because we don’t like being told we are wrong in how we feel. You have no clue what the rest of us are willing to do here, remember the Barbarians from centuries ago and how ruthless they were? What do you think happened to them? Did they just go away or cease to exist? No, we are still here. We just don’t choose to act like that anymore,, unless we get pushed into it and if that’s the case you won’t believe the wrath that will follow. Most of the right, as you refer to us, have been to war and seen and done things that would scare the hell out of you, and do it without batting an eye. All the corruption and theft of our election process is just about the last straw and I think, you might have just poked the sleeping bear once too often. Just because you stole the election and put yourself in position of in charge just makes it easier to find you people when we reach the boiling point, and when that happens there will be no laws to stop what’s coming for you. And then maybe after that, we can clean up the mess, re-establish some laws, activate a couple new/old ideas, shut down our borders, and no longer allow others to come here without assimilating to become an American 100% , and no more immigration like we had before. Coming here and trying to change what we have and has worked for over 240 years will no longer be permitted. If what you are trying to change us to was so good then why didn’t you just stay there? We always have and always will, defend this country with our lives, and that’s our advantage, you people on the left,, wont!

  4. Mark, what has the Proud Boys said or done that caused you to call them racist? You have supplied no factual information, only your opinion.

  5. Hey Johnnie-Boy are you even aware of how the term regulated was used in the 18th century? Believe me, it didn’t mean what you think and didn’t until a quarter of the way through the 20th century. It meant that they had to be standardized when the government, at any level, called them forth. Additionally SCOTUS has ruled that the Second Amendment codifies an individual, not group, right. And did you know that it wasn’t until the 20th century that individuals were allowed to own the weapons of mass destruction of their day? Yep we were allowed to own cannons. Actually we still can, we just have to submit to addition paperwork, background checks, and pay a huge transfer fee.

    But on to the article itself. Just who other than the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Democrat Party have called the Proud Boys far right? You mentioned that there is racism within the group, but did you realize that their leader is Black? What criteria do you use to identify a group or individual as being far right?


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