Pentagon Purge ‘Disturbing’ to Democrats


President Donald Trump purged the Pentagon and Democrats find it highly disturbing. As part of “sweeping changes” the president cleaned house, starting with handing Defense Secretary Mark Esper a pink slip.

A purge at the Pentagon

The civilian leadership structure within the Defense Department is seeing a Machiavellian style purge in the wake of election chaos. Following Esper out the door were several of the Pentagon’s “most senior officials.” They also vocally opposed the President. Each one is being replaced with “perceived loyalists to the President.”

The “flurry of changes,” CNN reports, were revealed in a formal statement on Tuesday and they “put officials inside the Pentagon on edge and fueled a growing sense of alarm” over what will come next. At least four officials “have been fired or have resigned since Monday.” Besides Esper, his chief of staff was axed in the purge along with “the top officials overseeing policy and intelligence.”

Incoming officials are solidly behind President Donald Trump, including one who called Barack Obama “a terrorist.” When CNN called one of their leaky defense officials, they were told, “it appears we are done with the beheadings for now.” You can’t have a purge without slicing a few heads off. “This is scary, it’s very unsettling. These are dictator moves.” Conservative Americans are thrilled to hear it.

Replaced by counterterrorism expert

After the purge, Esper’s slot will be filled by Christopher Miller who served as director of the National Counterterrorism Center.

Meanwhile, retired Brigadier General Anthony Tata took over for James Anderson who resigned Tuesday had been previously nominated as under secretary of defense for policy but didn’t get the job because he once claimed, “Obama was a ‘terrorist leader’ who did more to harm the US ‘and help Islamic countries than any president in history.'”

The liberals are terrified. “The top policy professional in the Department resigning the day after the Secretary of Defense was fired could mark the beginning of a process of gutting the DoD.” They say it “should alarm all Americans.” Not just the ones caught in the purge. They’re afraid that President Donald Trump will use “active duty forces under the Insurrection Act.”

Retired Navy Vice Admiral Joseph Kernan is no longer under secretary of defense for intelligence. Kash Patel will serve as the chief of staff to Miller. Before the purge, he was well known for working closely with Representative Devin Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee.


  1. If this news is from CNN, it is likely more garbage, they have no idea how to work as reporters they just promote their own agenda, I will never watch the Commie news network.

  2. I can understand how disturbing this is to the globalists/one world government types. I guess President Trump has finally realized most high ranking civilian leaders feel very little allegiance to America, because as you know, we are the main clog in the take over of the one world government. The main problem, as I see it, is to find people that owe their allegiance to the United States of America AND have the courage to stand up for us in the face of pushback by all the media and one-worlders.

    Another problem is the military side is full of political generals/admirals. At the start of WW2 the military had all the political generals/admirals at the top. Very soon Patton, Marshall, Eisenhower-who were Colonels-were elevated to high positions as the political generals/admirals proved incapable of leading a war time military. This is what happened during the Vietnam war.

    Fighting generals usually “screw up” during their careers and don’t get promoted to high ranks until the shooting actually starts. Then when it’s over the political types start getting promoted again.

    I don’t know if President Trump will get re-elected. If not, I expect for those that he placed in high positions to be replaced by “politically reliable” people and either retired or placed in unimportant positions. This is where we get the idea of women in the infantry, special operations forces, etc.

  3. The Dems are now past the point of no return in a head on with reality
    The servers responsible for fraudulently altering voting results are in the custody of Pompeo of the State Department and Barr of the DOJ thanks to the Assistance of Germany.
    The CIA and the FBI were not included in the investigation.
    That’s why Trump met with the million person march in Washington today …and then went Golfing

  4. I didn’t hear Democrats whining when Obama purged top military who were in charge of our nuclear arsenal. And they did all they could to shut down all criticism of it.

  5. I don’t understand the Democraps. They are complaining that Trump is booting people from his Admin when I would have thought this would make them ecstatic. Since they are so certain that Pedo Joe and the Ho won and that Trump is on his way out. I figure they would be happy all those jobs will be empty when the Ho takes over so she won’t have to fire anyone. Democraps act as if this is so horrible WHY??? Trump unlike the Democraps won’t spend the next 4 years using LIES to get the Ho booted from office. He will let her do all his work for him. The Ho will do the very things Trump said she and the Democraps would and the American people will see and experience it themselves. That will be their undoing. Well if the Democraps don’t take both the Senate seats in Georgia. If this happens America is DOOMED because the Ho will become a Dictator.

  6. That is something he should have done 4 years ago. Knowing Obama was a Muslim terrorist, why would you leave anyone he appointed in office to stab you in the back.


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