MSNBC Host TERRIFIED After Interview With Black Voter Takes Unexpected Turn


Never ask a question unless you want to hear the answer. An unwary host on MSNBC was terrified by someone he thought would be a meek and mild validation for liberal propaganda. Tamron Hall stuck a microphone in front of the wrong Black voter.

Not a typical Black voter

Relying on stereotypes will get you in trouble, one MSNBC anchor learned the hard way. Not too many people would have noticed the debacle because MSNBC has such dismal ratings that very few people were watching.

The ones who were got an ear full. When a Black voter starts talking about hardcore White racist David Duke, then it’s got to be good for the numbers, right? Especially if they can link it up to Donald Trump. Well, things didn’t go quite the way the liberal network expected.

In typical progressive race-baiting fashion, MSNBC’s Tamron Hall teamed up with David Corn from Mother Jones. Corn was up to his eyeballs in publicizing the Steele dirty dossier.

The globalist pair were happily ranting about how former KKK leader David Duke endorsed President Donald Trump. They had a great idea which totally backfired. Expecting to Trump the Donald with the race card, they zoomed the cameras in on a Black voter.

The voter had a few things to say about David Duke and Donald Trump alright. The talking heads were expecting some sort of rebuke that they could twist into revenue generating soundbites all across their network. They got some serious quotes too, before they managed to mute his microphone.

They come out from under the rocks

The man they singled out wasn’t the sort of Black voter they were expecting. David Duke, the “soul brother” noted, is simply a fixture in our society who deserves to be ignored. “David Duke and people like that,” he began, “they come out from under the rocks this time this year. It’s got nothing to do with Donald Trump.”

The patriotically Trump supporting voter angered them even more by adding, “We’re all Americans. We need to stop with all this racist stuff.” Before the horrified cameraman could react, their interviewee “points to a white man sitting next to him and said, ‘Like me and my friend right here. We just met today and we gotta stop with the racist stuff. We’re all Americans.'”

A speechless and gasping Tamron Hall was still gaping at the camera as the studio quickly cut away. The damage had already been done. All it took was the honest opinion of a single voter to thwart millions of dollars worth of network media social engineering.

As one outlet points out, “of course they tried to downplay the embarrassment by pointing out that most Trump supporters are white and continued on with their Trump bashing but the damage was done.”


  1. Who is more racist, a President who looks for ways to help blacks out of the quagmire created by Democrats for them over the last century or the TV Network and political party that digs up David Dukes to use as a tool to keep them in the slavery they thought they had escaped? Democrats don’t give a rat’s behind about black people. They won’t live with them, they won’t eat with them, they won’t put them in positions of real power. They simply use them as a convenient tool to use in the pursuit of their own power. Let them think for themselves!


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