Roger Stone Bombshell Announcement Rocks the Deep State

Roger Stone Bombshell Announcement Rocks the Deep State

President Trump‘s longtime political advisor Roger Stone has made a huge announcement in a post on his Parler account.

According to Stone’s post on December 24, he is planning to sue the Department of Justice, and multiple specific members of the department involved in investigating and prosecuting him, for $25 million.

In his post on the alternative social media site Parler, Stone wrote:

“The terms of my pardon allow me to sue the Department of Justice, Robert Mueller, James Comey, John Brennan, Rod Rosenstein, Josnathan Kravis, Aaron …  Zelinsky, Jeanie Rhee and Michael Morando. My lawyers will be filing formal complaints for prosecutorial misconduct’s with DOJ office of professional responsibility at the same time I file a 25 million Dollar lawsuit against the DOJ and each of these individuals personally:In fact I am going to add Bill Barr to the lawsuit and I will handle his cross-examination personally..”

In November of 2019, Stone was convicted by a Washington jury of lying under oath to officials who were investigating the Russia Collusion hoax.

Stone was found guilty of one count that he “corruptly influenced, obstructed, and impeded” the congressional investigation, and one count of attempting to “corruptly persuade” congressional testimony of radio show host Randy Credico, and five counts of lying to the House Intelligence Committee about contacting WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign, according to reporting by the Washington Examiner.

President Trump commuted Roger Stone’s sentence in July, just one day before the political advisor was to begin serving his sentence of three years and four months. On December 23, Trump officially pardoned Stone along with several others.

In a statement, Stone thanked the president for “completely erasing the criminal conviction to which I was subjected in a Soviet-style show trial on politically-motivated charges.”

The lawsuit against the Department of Justice and corrupt actors such as James Comey and John Brennan could be one of the first steps in holding these deep state actors accountable for their actions in attempting to undermine Trump’s presidency. It could also help wake the American people up to the corruption of the federal bureaucracy.


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