ANOTHER Odd RV Spotted in Major US City

RV Nashville explosion bombing cincinnati Nashville

Cincinnati police shut down several streets to investigate a suspicious RV parked downtown. The closures came just hours after a similar RV exploded in downtown Nashville on Christmas Day. After clearing the scene, police have reopened the roads downtown.

Police investigate another parked RV

Cincinnati police are no taking no chances. They quickly closed downtown to all traffic after they spotted an RV with the engine running near the federal building on Sixth Street. The Cincinnati Bomb Squad and the ATF responded to the scene. Police used bomb sniffing dogs to investigate the RV and clear the surrounding area.

Police say that at this time there is nothing to be worried about. They were just taking the step out of an abundance of caution. Hours earlier, a similar RV was parked in downtown Nashville before exploding. The blast rocked scores of buildings, leaving several with significant structural damage.

Nashville Tennessee explosion motive

It appears the Nashville explosion was intentional. Whoever did this was clearly going after property and not people, because a recording blared out in the 15 minutes before the explosion to clear the area. Plus, choosing Christmas Day insured few, if any, people would be in the business district at 6 AM. However, Nashville police now say that human remains may have been found near the scene of the blast. The tissue is being tested.

A person of interest has been identified as 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner. Law enforcement is raiding his property right now. The suspect reportedly had a very similar looking RV parked on his property as recently as last year. The man appears to have run a private electronics business that specializes in custom alarms, which explains the evacuation alarm that went off before the RV exploded in Nashville.

The business is registered to his home in Antioch, about 20 minutes from central Nashville. The phone number associated with the business does not appear to be operational at this time. It’s unclear if the suspect has been taken into custody or not, but ATF agents are currently at his home and have taped off the property.



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