Voter FRAUD on FULL Display for Everyone to See


While all the election officials scramble to deny there was any fraud at all in the totally tilted presidential election, one piece of evidence after another gets plastered in their faces and somehow, they still manage to ignore what they see. Americans aren’t buying the official story. They are fed up with the lies but all that can be done is keep spreading the truth.

Fraud on display in Houston

One Twitter user just pointed out that you don’t need to be a handwriting expert to notice something highly suspicious and probably illegal. You won’t hear one word about it it in the network coverage.

The image appears to show an extended sequence of voter registration cards filled out and signed in the exact same handwriting for one after another, with whole collections listing the same exact address. Americans are convinced this is another piece of evidence proving voter fraud but nobody even wants to talk about it. Nothing to see here, move along. Biden won so get over it.

Conservative Americans are convinced that the election fraud in 2020 was “widespread” and “extensive.”

Democrats obviously deny their crimes. The big surprise is that nobody wants to verify the integrity, despite the growing mountain of evidence. Republican officials cry foul and categorize the abuse, which the courts and legislators intentionally ignore. We’re in an emergency. Our very Constitution is in crisis.

While conservative defenders of honest elections point out more and more evidence of exactly how Democrats leveraged every dirty trick in the book to cheat and steal the election, liberals pretend they can’t see it.

How much clearer can the fraud be than a whole page of “manufactured” voters. “in the same city, in the same handwriting and at the same address.”

DOJ is missing in action

While conservative Americans wonder where the Department of Justice is, the Attorney General headed for the hills in disgrace. The top watchdog has been missing in action, then finally admitted that the Federal Bureau of Instigation was sitting on Hunter Biden’s laptop for a year.

They didn’t want to hurt Joe Biden’s chances in the election when the public found out that Hunter was under a criminal investigation and Joe was taking money from our enemies in exchange for favors. Now they seem to be working overtime to cover up election fraud.

It’s no wonder that this country is on the brink of civil war. In Harris County, which contains Houston, Texas, the trusted officials “did not find any evidence of election fraud in the November election, despite widespread allegations of fraud from individuals ranging from President Donald Trump to local Republicans.”

They turned a blind eye because it was liberals committing the crimes.

Somehow, they managed to use “explosive detection canine units to track down any evidence of fraud or tampering.” It’s no wonder they didn’t find anything. That page of illegal voter registrations may be “explosive” but it isn’t going to have any chemical traces to a “bomb.”

Instead of tracking down those names to verify they are alive and eligible to vote, they stick their heads in the sand so they can say they “didn’t find anything.” You’re never going to find anything if you don’t actually look.


  1. Quite the Farce. The election was stolen and the facts prove it period. We are now approaching a textbook dictatorship under demented Joe Biden the lying criminal and his sidekick who hates his guts Kam-allah the racist scum. As for the fraudulent pandemic the lies keep coming and the Libs love it. After all it helped these insane Nazi’s steal an election. Was at the doctor today and the same ol worn out questions. Take your temperature then ask if you are coughing, have a sore throat, Sore ass, etc etc. The doctor is even in a daze. Enjoy the grief coming your way.


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