Little Red Rioting Hood Gets Busted, Good Thing Daddy Has Money


Clara Kraebber, 20 is an undergrad at Rice University, her family on the Upper East Side of Manhattan is worth about $1.8 million. Dad is a Columbia University psychiatrist , Mom is a prominent architect, and Clara went to jail. The trouble is that Little Red Rioting Hood didn’t stay there.

Before her arrest in September 4th of 2020 for participating in the Black Lives Matter riots that saw “150-plus protesters (they spelled rioters wrong) marched through Lower Manhattan, lighting trash cans on fire, shattering store and bank windows and spraying graffiti as they went, causing six figures in damage.” as reported by the New York Post, Clara and her new-found friends were chanting “Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground!” as they moved up Lafayette Street busting the plate glass windows of banks, Starbucks and Pharmacies.

Clara and eight of her study buddies were set to be charged with first-degree riot with a maximum sentence of four years, and it seemed like sweet, sweet karmic justices was about to rain down upon them. But then… it just didn’t.

Little Red Rioting Hood Gets to See Grandma

The New York Post reported again about the smashy-smashy co-ed in December, and the story went largely unmarked because far-be-it for the leftist propaganda organs of the mainstream media to call out this colossal variant of injustice for wealthy, elitist marxist children of the prominent Democrats.

The New York Post wrote,

“an assistant DA at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office says they’ve “determined that we cannot prove the defendant is guilty of felony charges beyond a reasonable doubt.” Sounds like rioters’ strategy of shielding their fellows doing damage using umbrellas worked. (Plus, daddy no doubt would pay for a first-rate lawyer.)”

Kraebber who apparently decided that the ginger college-girl look wasn’t working and ditched the red locks for a crappy black dye job and a short cut, took a plea deal for a graffiti charge, the case has been dismissed and sealed as long as she keeps her head down for until July.

What’s worse the cowardly DA didn’t press appropriate charges on her seven buddies either they were slapped on the wrists with misdemeanor graffiti tool and unlawful assembly charges. All of this is in spite of police reportedly finding her plans to “seize empty luxury apartments for “wealth re-distribution” and defend them using “bricks on roofs as weapons.” Isn’t that conspiracy? That’s not white privilege as Donald Trump Jr. has warned us, it’s Liberal Privilege.

During the Sep. 4 rioting, police arrested 25 people, most of whom were supposed to face charges of disorderly conduct, and 32 others were slapped with summonses, according to the NYPD. It is unknown how many more have been plead out by the New York District Attorneys who have demonstrated no desire to prosecute crime unless it is allegedly committed by a Trump.




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