Video and Cameras Catch Violent BLM Terrorists Vandalizing Property and Attacking Police Officers


It’s an insurrection but nobody is going to call it one, even when there is video of violent BLM terrorists vandalizing property from every angle. “There’s no evidence of that,” liberals insist. Anarchists have every right to attack the police because the cops shouldn’t have been there in the first place. This is nothing but harmless peaceful protest of social injustice and looking at it any other way is racist White privilege. So there.

Video cameras caught everything

The video cameras caught a whole lot more than than the police did in mid-town Manhattan, New York, New York.

The liberal stronghold was rocked by violence Thursday night as “BLM, Antifa and transgender activists,” reports note, pleasantly “brawled with New York City Police officers and vandalized the USS Maine National Monument.” A good time was had by all. People who live and work nearby were urged to avoid the area if at all possible.

The NYPD tweeted out, due “to a demonstration, please avoid the area of Columbus Circle and 8th Avenue in Manhattan. Expect delays in the surrounding area.” What was really happening, as video shows, is that a rabble army well equipped with improvised weapons and armor “marched to different points in mid town Manhattan including the New York Times headquarters.”

They aren’t happy with the capitalists, even if they are a liberal MSM network on the same side. “F*** The New York Times.” they chanted. None of them know how to read a newspaper anyway.

The transgender “rainbow” platoon of the “inclusive” modern Antifa army marched directly to the USS Maine National Monument at Columbus Circle, which guards the entrance to Central Park.

They proceeded to vandalize the statue and cover it in graffiti “while raising trans rights flags.” That was all on video as well, recorded by Ian Miles Cheong and diligently posted to Twitter. “BLM and Antifa activists vandalize the USS Maine National Monument in New York City while raising trans pride flags,” he tapped out.

All Cops are [bleep]ards

Black Lives Matter and Antifa-inspired justice rights advocates are way to “woke” to know how to read and history was a class to be avoided at all costs so they don’t give a flying fig about a monument which “commemorates the sailors killed about the ship when it was sunk by an explosion on February 15 1898.”

So what if it started the Spanish-American War. It was just a good place to cover with turf-tagging spray paint, like any other animal marking their territory. Video clearly shows them mark “ACAB” and “F*** 12” everywhere. None of them can read but they all know those mean “All Cops are [Bleep]ards” and “F*** the police.”

Police actually managed to arrest six people. They don’t have the funding to do much more than watch and serve as target practice targets for Antifa.

They “followed” the march at a respectful distance through the evening. They didn’t move in until the vandalism started, then the butt kicking started. Only careful analysis of the video later will determine which side won.

As Cheong added in another video tweet, “the activists resisted resulting in a brawl with the NYPD.” They weren’t shy about yelling vulgar and “misogynistic insults at a female NYPD officer.”

The police are begging for mercy on the social media platform. “We respect everyone’s right to peacefully protest, but vandalism is not part of peaceful protest. We are working to de-escalate the situation to prevent further damage from occurring.” Please don’t beat up cops.


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