CIA Director’s Past Surfaces, Turns Out He Has a History That is VERY Questionable


The brand new CIA director appointed by Imperial Leader Joe Biden turns out to have a much spookier past than anyone would imagine. William Burns got his name in the news the other day for going way over the top in his praise for the verdict in Minnesota’s Derek Chauvin trial but it turns out his career in the swamp is a lot murkier than anyone remembered.

CIA Director in bed with Ayatollah

Joe Biden’s new CIA Director, William Burns, isn’t happy that the Gateway Pundit discovered his link to secret back-room deals with the Ayatollah which led to the notoriously bad Iran deal inked by Barack Obama and John Kerry.

It turns out he’s been hiding in the Persian shadows and holding secret meetings with Iran since the George W. Bush administration. Obama loved him so much that Burns “was kept on the job at the State Department and quietly given the task of holding a second discrete meeting with a top Iranian negotiator.”

From looking at his past, it’s easy to see that some kind of prisoner swap for billions in bomb building cash is the kind of let’s make a deal game CIA director Burns has been playing with the Ayatollah since July of 2008.

Biden and the Palace deny that they made a deal to give Iran billions of dollars and four of their prisoners back in exchange for four of our prisoners. Everyone also insists that the Swiss diplomat who stepped off her 17th floor balcony over the weekend in Iran was a tragic accident.

In November of 2013, Washington Times reported that the Associated Press uncovered that “U.S. and Iran actually, and very secretly, have been engaged in high-level direct talks for more than a year.” Guess who was in charge of the clandestine meetings. Burns wasn’t with the CIA then.

“Deputy Secretary of State William J. Burns and Jake Sullivan, Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s top foreign policy adviser, have met face-to-face at least five times with Iranian officials since March,” they reported at the time.

The diplomatic ‘matrix’

Publicly, John Kerry was supposed to be in charge of talking to Iran but he wasn’t. Burns had been “secretly sitting in the driver’s seat the whole time, meeting with Iranian officials in the Middle Eastern nation of Oman and elsewhere with only a tight circle of officials in the know.”

He managed to set up “a rare and direct contact between Washington and Tehran that set in motion what officials now describe as a delicate, back-channel diplomatic matrix.” His work for the CIA looks tame. Burns and his back channel team “ultimately paved the way to this weekend’s breakthrough deal.”

When Obama took charge in 2009 he “cleaned house by removing nearly all of the Bush administration’s politically appointed national security operators.” but not all of them.

Our new CIA director was so popular with Obama that he “was kept on the job at the State Department and quietly given the task of holding a second discrete meeting with a top Iranian negotiator.”

Obama treated him as family and gave Burns “a slot traditionally coveted as a place for a sitting president to inject his own politically appointed foreign policy operatives.” Once there, “Burns was able to use his new weight to accelerate previous attempts to create an opening with Iran.

He is believed, particularly, to have seized on an opportunity that had arisen during Mr. Obama’s first term when it became clear that Tehran might be interested in negotiating the release of three American hikers detained by Iranian authorities in 2009.” The new CIA director didn’t just make the same deal again, Biden insists.


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