Leaked DHS Email Reveals Much About ANTIFA

leaked email antifa

Catherine Herridge, an investigative reporter with CBS News, obtained a leaked email from a former top Homeland Security official revealing that ANTIFA violence in Portland is actually organized.


ANTIFA members and apologists often try to claim that the group is not a centralized organization. Mark Bray, the author of “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” recently claimed this in an essay for the Washington Postsaying that because the group is not organized, it cannot be designated a “terrorist organization.”

Bray also attempted to argue that ANTIFA is not actually fascist, which is easily disputed. Robert Paxton, a professor emeritus at Columbia University, wrote an essay defining fascism which links it to ideas such as:

  • “The primacy of the group. Supporting the group feels more important than maintaining either individual or universal rights.”
  • “Believing that one’s group is a victim. This justifies any behavior against the group’s enemies”
  • “The beauty of violence and of will, when they are devoted to the group’s success in a Darwinian struggle.”

ANTIFA clearly fits that definition perfectly. These black-clad militant protesters have been using violence to achieve their political goals through the unrest in recent months, all the while trying to play the victim.

Bray also tried to claim that ANTIFA is not associated with Black Lives Matter, the Democrat Party, or “liberal financiers like George Soros.”

The Leaked Email 

The email was sent by Brian Murphy, current government whistleblower and former acting undersecretary for intelligence and analysis at the Department of Homeland Security. It stated that the violence seen in Portland this summer has been “organized.

The message was sent July 25th, and was intended to inform staff of a definition change, stating that future references to the violent riots taking place in Portland would thereafter be referred to as being “violent Antifa anarchists inspired.”

The leaked email stated:

“The individuals are violently attacking the Federal facilities based on these ideologies. We can’t say any longer that this violent situation is opportunistic. Additionally, we have overwhelmingly intelligence regarding the ideologies driving individuals towards violence and why the violence has continued. A core set of Threat actors are organized, show up night after night, share common [Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures] and drawing on like minded individuals to their cause.

I recognize we may not be able to attribute every individual as VAAI however we need to look at the totality of the intelligence both current and previous and recognize the motivation for the violence and why people have shown up to commit violence for about 60 days. And why the individuals are using social media to encourage the VAAI on the ground to carry out acts of violence.”

In the email’s conclusion, Murphy stated: “Threat actors who are motivated by Anarchist or ANTIFA (or a combination of both) ideologies to carry out acts of violence against State, Local, and Federal authorities and infrastructure they believe represent authority or represent political and social ideas they reject.”

Recognizing centralization within ANTIFA is important, because it could make any future prosecution of the group or its’ members much easier.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf previously spoke about the issue, saying that the government is already “targeting” the leaders of ANTIFA and other groups who are instigating violence and unrest throughout the country.



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