Bloomberg Vows to Blow Ridiculous Amount of Cash to Try and Sway Votes Away From Trump


Mike Bloomberg learned an expensive lesson earlier this year when he dropped a billion bucks on a presidential campaign crap-shoot, and walked away empty handed after only a hundred days. To support Black Lives Matter, since they have Biden’s soul in a jar, the former mayor of New York City decided to set his money on fire this time. He’s starting with a quick $100 million to get the ball rolling on some Biden ads in Florida, to help counter all the Latino for Trump rallies they’re having there.

Bloomberg burns more bucks to light the anarchist fires

Liberal former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is terrified that Florida is going to vote for President Donald Trump in a landslide, so to counter some of their enthusiasm, he’s dumping $100 million on a propaganda campaign to flood the airwaves with a Burn Down America For Biden message. He hopes everyone forgets how cuddly he used to be with Ghislaine Maxwell, the pervert who stocked Jeffrey Epstein’s teenage sex-slave harem so they could collect blackmail material on half the world’s leaders.

He knows Creepy Joe has been having a rough time of it stuck in his basement and couldn’t get out to raise money, so he’s shoveling cash into Biden’s campaign like his shovel was ready for a job at Solyndra. That, Bloomberg suggests, will allow Kamala Harris to spend Joe’s “resources on other battleground states.” Rumor has it that the reason Joe Biden can’t remember his lines since she came onboard is because she’s been sharing that weed that makes you hear music from the future with Joe.

“The infusion of cash,” DailyWire writes, “comes as polls indicate a tightening race.” Even moderate Democrats like to hear a human answer the phone at 911. The reason Bloomberg is dropping a bundle on Florida is because Trump and Biden are “deadlocked in a recent Marist Poll, and as Floridians start voting by mail at the end of the month.” Even the mail in ballots are expected to all say Trump. Democrats don’t like that one bit.

Cubans love Trump

The thing that scares liberals like Mike Bloomberg the most is the fact that Cubans are totally in love with President Donald Trump and nobody can deny that they’re “Latino.” Even Mexicans and Hondurans are boarding the Trump Train. Next thing you know they’ll start complaining about how they had to pay the fees and fill out the forms while their cousins were allowed by Obama to jump the line and get in the show for free. Mini-Mike is trying to offset Biden’s dismal support with Hispanic voters.


Politico is all psyched up that Bloomberg cash will go straight toward “digital and TV ads and “communicating with Hispanic voters” as a “key part” of the strategy, so says political action committee Independence USA, as they work to stamp out independence.

Biden is being dragged out of his basement to get a little sun on Tuesday. It will be the first time he’s seen daylight since March. They have an “in-person early voting period that varies by county and begins as early as Oct. 19 and ends as late as Nov. 1,” which is only a couple days before the election. Three fourths of the ballots will be cast early, mostly for Trump. That is unless Bloomberg can buy some for Biden. Democrats hate billionaires but that never seems to stop the party from taking all their money that they can launder.




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