George Soros Doubles Down To Defeat Trump

George Soros

George Soros knows that he won’t be able to take his money with him when he goes to hell, so he’s spending it now. He intends to stop Donald Trump from being reelected, one way or another. The evil overlord already doubled what he spent in 2016, and for him, the $40 million he chipped in so far is only the beginning.

George Soros spends big bucks

Evil billionaire George Soros already spent double the $20 million he dumped into defeating Donald Trump in the 2016 campaign, and that’s just the money that shows publicly on the record. Who knows what he’s doing behind the scenes. It shows he’s a desperate man.

So far in the 2020 race, George Soros plowed a huge chunk into the accounts of Democracy PAC, “a super PAC that passes money to other liberal PACs working to defeat Trump.” This particular super PAC took in $40 million this year and the money came both from Soros directly and from his “sprawling network” of nonprofits. Darth Soros has his tentacles in everything.

The Washington Free Beacon points out that “the megadonor’s torrent of spending highlights the extent to which liberal donors are committed to getting Trump out of office.” All of George’s buddies are backing him up. “Many groups financially backed by Soros have launched multi-million-dollar attack ad campaigns in swing states to reach moderate voters who backed Trump in 2016.” What they pledged adds up to “hundreds of millions.” Just like Michael Bloomberg, they are trying to buy the election.

Democrats take ‘dark money’ from their dark lord

Democrats are generally vocal about slamming candidates, especially Republicans, for taking “dark money” from billionaires. It’s different when the billionaire is Dark Lord Darth Soros. “While Democrats across the country sanctimoniously rail against the influence of dark money in politics,” one operative admits, their party’s largest donors including George Soros “are bankrolling a massive web of liberal organizations to get them elected.” Despite the “hypocritical rhetoric,” Democrats are addicted to the cash injections.

George wrote his own name on a check for $5.5 million to the super PAC. Then he ordered his “Fund for Policy Reform” to write a check for $35 million more. The Open Society Foundation network nonprofit has a lot more where that came from too. According to the latest tax records, they “reported having $750 million in the bank.” This way, Soros name doesn’t show up on every scrap of paper in the evidence trail.

Without factoring in any other undisclosed spending, the $40 million to the super pack makes George Soros tied with liberal Tom Steyer in anti-Trump spending. The Democracy PAC passed out $25 million “to other liberal PACs.” That includes “$7 million donation to the Senate Majority PAC, a committee tied to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.” Creepy Joe Biden gets a cut too, with “$5 million to Priorities USA Action, the largest outside pro-Biden PAC.” Just for fun, $2.5 million slid across the table to “the left-wing Win Justice coalition.” They “focused on electing far-left prosecutors.”


  1. He should be indicted under the Ricoh act. He’s a Marxist behind BLM, Antifa, Media matters, A thousand lights ( soliciting funds for BLM with a terrorist Susan Rosenberg in charge of raising the money for Marxist BLZm. Susan Rosenberg is someone everyone should read up on. She was sentenced to 58 years in prison in 1985 and Bill Clinton gave her a pardon 1 day before his leaving office. She was in many bmbongs in the IS and murdering of police officers. Her actions are seen today in BLM. Rennet BLM Leaders have admitted they are trained military marxists, what dies that say about those supporting them.m? Like all our sports people, Hollywood, Academia and MSM. It’s disgusting that this is the democrat petty and so many people are numb to it. Brainwashing is alive and well. Supporters are aiding and abetting a true domestic terror group funded by a George Soros org.

  2. George Soros is the devel incarnate he along with all the democrats are concerned with one thing power at all cost. The only way they are happy is telling everyone else how to live, the rules however do not apply to them. If you have a brain in your head and you want to remain free then your only option is to vote republican vote to re-elect President Donald Trump. There has never been in my lifetime (and I’m 71)any president who has fought harder and done more for America and American citizens and been attacked as he has. Thank you President Trump you are America’s hero. VOTE TRUMP 2020.

  3. GEORGE SOROS is related to satan…he has taken down so many countries and has had his eye on America for a long time. This man (moron) needs to be commited to an institution and die there. He is very dangerous! He has taken with him so many that want to take our beautiful country down. We cannot let that happen. Please everyone…VOTE for President Trump…we must keep him in so that our country can survive. Let’s stand for America!!!!! Get this wicked person out of here…send him back to another country, i.e., Hungry…which he already ruined!

  4. How come this low life scumbag has not been arrested as soon as he sets foot in the USA? More importantly,how come this commie demon is still breathing?

  5. Soros is one of the most evil men in history. If I believed in reincarnation I’d believe he was Hitler in another life. If he is successful America will fall and become a socialist nation.
    Hopefully Americans will wake up and put the socialist movement down. Our young must realize that the promises being made will never be fulfilled. I’ve told some to research and find a country where socialism has made life better. Remember that America as a population of over 330 million people, in itself should tell them they’re being lied too. Another point to be thought of, what will they do if we allow them to disarm us?


  7. Soros,

    As a Nazi Youth, he confiscated Jews property as they were carted off to the gas chambers. He is a very close friend to Hillary and Bill Clinton. He is a wanted man in many countries. He broke the Russian ruble, created havoc with the British pound and is working to bring down our dollar, economy and country. He is the head of the snake. Why are our politicians and media focused on the trees and not seeing the forest? Bring him up on treason charges and freeze all his assets. Going after the tail of the snake like Antifa and BLM will not suffice.

  8. Soros is determined to defeat our president by whatever fraud and cheating he can muster. He wants to destroy our country and turn it into a socialist nation that he can control so that we will never be the same. Can’t believe he’s still here and not exiled to where he came from. Guess it pays to pay off people like Obama, Clintons, Schiff, Biden, and the rest of the scum.


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