Judge Declares Everything DHS Secretary Signed is INVALID


Federal Judge Paula Xinis just liberally declared that acting Department of Homeland Security secretary Chad Wolf is “unlawfully serving” in his job. Not only that, She declared, “Wolf didn’t have the authority to impose the asylum rules that are being challenged,” because he has no authority at all. Every piece of paper with his signature on it is invalid. Her ruling also “temporarily barred the Trump administration from enforcing new asylum restrictions on members of two immigration advocacy groups.”

Instead of BLM outlaws, judge charges DHS Secretary

The staff at CNN is grinning from ear to ear today, finally having something they can report which will let them kick President Donald Trump around some more. Trump’s chosen DHS secretary picked an invalid successor so everything Chad Wolf approved needs to go right out the window, liberals whine. If the CEO of any major corporation, anywhere in the world, had to put up with what President Donald Trump goes through every time he issues a directive to his own staff, or appoints someone to fill a position, they would defenestrate themselves through their own office window. President Trump keeps his chin up and does it for free, donating his salary each and every quarter to wherever he thinks it will do the most good for America.

It took Judge Xinis a full 69 pages of legal gobbledygook to rule “Chad Wolf is likely unlawfully serving as acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.” The plaintiffs, who can’t stand Trump insisting on keeping terrorists and illegal aliens out of the country, are “likely to demonstrate (former acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin) McAleenan’s appointment was invalid under the agency’s applicable order of succession, and so he lacked the authority to amend the order of succession to ensure Wolf’s installation as Acting Secretary.” The practical upshot of that is that everything Wolf signed is invalid.

Subsequently, the judge wrote, “Wolf didn’t have the authority to impose the asylum rules that are being challenged.” The new rules which went into effect in August have been suspended until it all can get sorted out. The acting secretary is taking it in stride while the lawyers wade through stacks of obscure legal references.

Wolf isn’t leaving his job

Even though liberals are getting a chance to gloat, Judge Xinis didn’t chase Secretary Wolf out of his office. Earlier this year, “the Trump administration appealed a federal judge’s ruling earlier this year that it was unlawful to appoint Cuccinelli to lead the agency responsible for processing US immigration requests, and he remains in that post more than six months later.” This case will be going on for a long while to come as well.

Progressives are totally upset that the administration “limited access to employment authorization for asylum seekers.” Trump wants them to “wait a year before applying for employment authorization.” That means many won’t be able to get approval at all. Along with that Secretary Wolf approved the elimination of “the longstanding requirement that employment authorization applications be processed within 30 days, thus allowing such applications to sit untouched indefinitely.”

You can tell Judge Xinis is a serious snowflake by the tone of voice she uses writing that the secretary, “completely sidestepped this critical impact of the new rules and never wrestled with the fundamental implications of deferring or denying advance work authorization.” She thinks “substantially limiting approval of work authorization for bona fide asylees will inevitably affect their ability to afford the costs of seeking asylum, including hiring legal counsel.” Like lawyers aren’t lining up for paychecks from activist organizations. They fight over every single illegal who jumps the fence.



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