Teacher Busted, Forcing Students to Do BLM Themed Assignments


A teacher in Thornwood, New York, got busted last week forcing Black Lives Matter agitprop on his young, impressionable students. One totally disgusting BLM themed assignment has outraged parents howling for justice.

Radical teacher compares cops to the Ku Klux Klan

The mainstream press calls the response that Christopher Moreno is getting from parents in Thornwood, New York, “backlash.” The reality is that they’re howling for his blood like BLM rioters outside a police station. The progressive teacher actually dared to make an assignment out of a political cartoon which “compared police officers to members of the KKK” as part of his lesson plan for 11th-grade students.

The terrible teacher at Westlake High School was intent on warping young minds with Black Lives Matter-themed propaganda as part of their homework in his U.S. History and Government class. Instead of depicting police officers as providers of law and order, they are evil and oppressive slave-drivers.

Last week’s lesson “disturbed” Nicole Paternostro, one of his conservative students. She called the cartoon behind the assignment “disgusting.” As she told reporters, “it compared the police with all the terrible people in history.” Her teacher had an agenda and it is obviously slanted far to the left. “It was not fair. It wasn’t right.”

Oppressive law enforcement

The first three panels of the image the globalist teacher assigned depict “slave owners and a member of the KKK with their knees on the backs of black men in shackles. The KKK member also has a noose around the black man’s neck.” Two panels are dedicated to oppressive law enforcement. “The last two panels depict a sheriff and a police officer each with their knees on the neck of a black man in handcuffs.” Through it all, “the black man is saying ‘I can’t breath’ [sic] — what black Minneapolis victim George Floyd gasped as his neck was knelt on by white cop Derek Chauvin, sparking ongoing BLM protests across the city,” the New York Post relates.

Nicole’s mother Ania, saw the assignment, she came unglued. “My daughter showed me the paper. I said, ‘What is this?! You’ve got to be kidding me!” she recalls. “This cartoon compares the police to the KKK. It’s an attack on police.” She didn’t mince her words when she blasted the district for allowing the instructor to brainwash children with such an obviously biased pro-Black Lives Matter agenda. “We don’t need a teacher brainwashing my kids. I’ll teach my kids about what’s right and what’s wrong. We have to respect the men in blue who protect us.”

The police chief in Mount Pleasant was pretty cheesed off about what the teacher had to say as well. “My concerns are that a cartoon like this can foster violence towards the police, as what happened this past weekend in California.” A Black Lives Matter supporter ambushed two officers, shooting them in the head as they sat in their patrol car. At least three other “copy cat” ambushes happened just last night. A Hispanic man sneaked behind a sheriff’s deputy in Oildale, California, took his gun and tried to kill him with it. The deputy took it back and shot his attacker three times. In Virginia and Arizona were sniper attacks.

The district is trying to calm down angry parents with a statement saying, “one of our High School teachers may have recently conducted a lesson that many have deemed to be highly controversial in the current climate.” The superintendent says he’ll look into it. “I want to assure the community that the District will be conducting a thorough investigation to determine what exactly occurred in this particular classroom.” That’s only to give them some time to figure out how to spin a response because he obviously agrees with the liberal teacher. After a long and delayed “investigation” they will decide “what, if any, action is to be taken.” That makes it sound like any action will be “not much.”


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