Kamala Makes BS False Claims and Gets Called Out


A week after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell pronounced S.1, the Democrat’s proposed “For the People Act of 2021″dead, Kamala Harris made the claim that she is in discussions with Republicans regarding the “voting reform” there’s one small problem: It’s complete and total b/s.

Just for context, let’s quickly review S.1/HR.1 the “For the People Act of 2021“.

The implications of this utterly massive power grab cannot be overstated. The Democrats in Congress, if successful will rip away control of the electoral system from the states in a final rebuke of federalism and a near-complete annihilation of one of the last true vestiges of States’ rights.

Hans Von Spakovsky, an attorney and former FEC Commissioner summed it up very nicely when he appeared on OANN,

“This bill would be basically a federal takeover of the administration of elections. And the whole reason for that is so that they can frankly: manipulate the rules and make it easier to cheat. I mean another example of this is: this federal law would override and ban any State Voter ID law. Now the only reason for that is to decrease the security of the election process.”

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) added in an op-ed for Breitbart,

“The bill would federalize our elections so that states have little control over how voting proceeds within their jurisdiction. Red states like Arkansas and Florida would no longer be able to take extra precautions to ensure the integrity of their elections. Instead, election law would be dictated from Washington, D.C. in uniform—and uniformly terrible—fashion.”

Did You Really Though Kamala?

The so-called “For the People Act of 2021” was dead on arrival at the Senate. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell even pointed out that Senator Joe Manchin’s attempt at a compromise bill retained the “rotten core” of the biased, partisan bill. So yeah, it’s dead.

“The West Virginia senator’s version of S.1, the “For The People Act,” is still an assault on the fundamental idea that states, not the federal government, must decide how to conduct their own elections, ” said McConnell.

The press has since been abuzz about Kamala’s “efforts” to foster some sort of agreement with GOP Senators to breathe life back into a dead piece of legislation.

So back to Kamala, as stated early on CBS reported that Harris “says she is speaking with Republican senators on a key piece of voting legislation.” When pressed by CBS she told them,

“I have spoken to Republican senators — both elected Republicans and Republican leaders,” But she could only come up with one Senator’s name.

“I’ve talked with Murkowski about this issue,”

A spokesman for Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) told the press a different story though, as CBS reported, “A spokesperson for Murkowski confirmed Wednesday that her conversations recently with Harris have been “solely on infrastructure.” Kamala Harris’ Office subsequently “clarified” that she and the Senator had discussed infrastructure, and not voting rights. Ouch, it’s pretty rare that someone is caught in a lie, and slapped down by reality that quickly.


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