LOSER Democrat Announces Run Against Prominent Gatekeeper

LOSER Democrat Announces Run Against Prominent Gatekeeper

A one-term loser former congresswoman is hoping Iowans will overlook her failed political career in her attempt to unseat a prominent Republican, Senator Chuck Grassley.

Iowa Democrat Abby Finkenauer, 32, has announced her plan to run for Republican Chuck Grassley’s Senate seat.

The one-term former congresswoman is hoping that her blue-collar credentials will help her unseat a popular Republican in Congress, despite knowing that Grassley won his last election in 2016 with 60.1 percent of the vote, compared to his challenger, Democrat Patty Judge, who only received 35.7 percent. Grassley was elected to his first Senate term in 1980, eight years before Finkenauer was born, and has held his seat ever since.

Finkenauer announced her candidacy in a video posted to Twitter on the morning of July 22.

“I’m Abby Finkenauer, and I’m running for U.S. Senate because Iowa—and our Democracy—are worth fighting for. After 46 years in DC, @ChuckGrassley has lost touch with both. I’m from a proud union family. We don’t back down. I’m in this to win,” she tweeted.



ABC 6 News reports: “Despite losing her House seat in 2020 after one term, Finkenauer remains a youthful prospect in the Iowa Democratic Party, which has struggled to produce a new generation for statewide office.”

Looking at her Twitter account, she appears to be just another clap back politician, in the style of New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Many of her recent Twitter posts are just responses to tweets by her opponent, Senator Chuck Grassley, with tired left-wing talking points like “Pay workers more.” Which is not a solution, it’s just another talking point that will destroy small businesses and cause a dramatic increase in the cost of living, which will negate any “gains” that workers may have from increased wages.

She also pushes complete lies like the Democrat claim that the Trump tax cuts only went to “millionaires & those at the very top.” Even left-wing outlet Bloomberg News debunked that claim, writing: “While the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was far from perfect, it did cut taxes on the middle class and fueled the economic growth that brought unemployment rates to half-century lows before the pandemic.”


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