Massive Hack and it Was Probably… China


Authorities in Japan have reported that the User IDs and Passwords of people who purchased tickets for the Tokyo Olympics online have been leaked online. The organizers of the Tokyo Games have launched an investigation into the breach. Similar information from Paralympic ticket purchasers and those who used a volunteer portal for the Summer Games was also leaked. Based on the recent spate of cybercrime, many experts believe this to be the work of hackers from China.

Brazen Cyber Attacks From China Revealed

Just days ago, the Biden-Harris regime, the FBI, and NSA reported”high confidence” that hackers contracted by China’s Ministry of State Security carried out the massive cyberattack on the Microsoft Exchange email server this spring. The hack on the Olympics was likely an operation originating in China as well.

According to Kyoto News,

“The scale of the leakage is “not large,” and measures have already been taken to prevent a further spread of such information.”

“The usernames and passwords used to log in to websites for the games’ volunteers and ticket purchasers were likely stolen by unauthorized access to computers or smartphones, and they were posted on a website that exposes personal information,” the official said.

If a login ID and password are used, it may be possible to access more personal data of a purchaser or a volunteer, including the name, address, and a registered bank account.”

Tokyo Olympic Games Already Struggling Before Hack

This news comes as the Japanese organizers are already struggling to contain multiple PR crises that are eroding public support for the games, already controversial due to the COVID19 panic. Rumors have flown that the Tokyo 2020 games taking place in 2021 were providing cardboard “anti-sex beds” that wouldn’t hold two people to Olympians known to throw wild shenanigans in their off-time. The common perception of the “Olympic village” these days is that of a sex-fueled bacchanalia that would make the ancient Greeks and Romans blush. A 2012 ESPN expose, had American Target Shooter Josh Lakatos reveal “I’ve never witnessed so much debauchery in my entire life.”

Olympic organizers have been quick to fact-check the story to death, stating that the “cardboard beds” are tested up to 421lbs. twice the average weight of an average American male and were used for “sustainability”

According to Kyoto News, another blow came with the resignation of Japanese musician Keigo Oyamada from the production team for the opening ceremonies “after admitting to bullying and abusing children with disabilities in the past,”

And most devastatingly of all with just two weeks before the games, officials announced most of the events would be held without spectators, apparently due to a spike in COVID-19 infections, despite an earlier plan to offer limited seating, American Military News Reported.

“It is extremely regrettable that the games will be staged in a very limited manner in the face of the spread of novel coronavirus infections,” Seiko Hashimoto, president of the organizing committee said. “I am very sorry for ticket holders and local residents who were looking forward to the games.”


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