Journalists Sparred Back Over FBI Disinformation


The FBI was quick to push back on the “misinformation” coming out of the Twitter Files. They’re sticking with the story Merrick Garland told America when he went on TV. The Federal Bureau of Instigation, and everything they do, is totally legal. Always. That’s because Garland really does run this country. Independent Journalist Bari Weiss says “not so fast.” She’s willing to debate the bureau on the issues, any time they’re ready.

FBI calls everything misinformation

Misinformation is the latest magic word which the FBI uses to make evidence vanish into thin air while everyone is watching. Independent journalist Bari Weiss got a look at their response to her reporting and wasn’t impressed.

She would “be happy” to “debate” the agency and bring all the nasty secrets into the light of transparency. The subject came up in response to a simple tweet.

One twitter user, Martin Gurri, got nearly a million views with a post noting “The FBI is calling @bariweiss, @mtaibbi, and @ShellenbergerMD ‘conspiracy theorists’ who are purveying ‘disinformation.‘ I’d like to see an open debate between these parties. What an extraordinary moment for our govt institutions.

Weiss responded, “I would welcome that debate.” Conservatives would love to watch it.

The FBI simply labeled the Twitter Files as the work of “conspiracy theorists” and think that will be the end of it. That’s their story and they’re sticking to it. The bureau can’t do anything wrong because they make the rules.

It is unfortunate that conspiracy theorists and others are feeding the public misinformation with the sole purpose of attempting to discredit the agency.” The agency discredited themselves. They’re just upset that everybody knows about it.

Behind the social media scenes

Elon Musk put Weiss, Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger on the job of sorting through piles of internal Twitter communications. The Twitter Files quickly revealed that the social media company became a virtual “subsidiary” of the FBI with at least 80 agents dedicated to the project, with their own hot-line messaging system. Uncle Sam paid out nearly $3.5 million in processing fees for all the work they were generating.

That was a lot of request processing, no matter how you spin it. The bureau claims they weren’t simply paying for censorship, merely defraying costs of processing ordinary requests. The bombshell isn’t that they paid, it is how MUCH they paid. That was an awful lot of work.

Censoring the Hunter Laptop story was practically an entire department within Twitter. Now that the story is out in the public, the FBI “blasted anyone who does not believe it is innocent in quashing the Hunter Biden laptop story as a ‘conspiracy theorist

They’re really upset that “Michael Shellenberger revealed in a series of tweets on Monday how Jim Baker, a former attorney for the Bureau who at that point was working as a lawyer for the social media met secretly with one of his former colleagues at the FBI.” That’s putting it mildly. The Clinton era fixer and former lawyer for the bureau had his own office and was the one who forced the “hack and leak” defense on Twitter, used to censor any mention of the truth. He didn’t come up with the idea. Professionals at the Aspen Institute ran a tabletop strategy exercise to cook up the best way to proceed.

Meanwhile, back at Twitter HQ, “senior content moderators at the company were meeting weekly with agents to discuss potential threats to the election by foreign entities.

In reality, “internal emails show” that “Baker seemed to coerce Twitter’s chief content moderator to flag any stories about the revelations from Hunter Biden’s lost laptop as ‘misinformation‘ that came from a ‘foreign hack‘ — even though they proved to be true.” The FBI insists, the were “simply doing its job.” They were. The job of protecting the Deep State.


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