Girl Gnaws Herself Free From Once Deported Migrant Serial Killer


Shocking reports of a 12-year-old girl forced to gnaw her way free of horrific bondage, after being held prisoner in a trailer along with the decomposing remains of her family, are outraging everyone in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Mom’s illegal Mexican live-in boyfriend is currently in custody.

Girl chews through her ties

Whatever this determined and resourceful 12-year-old girl was tied up with, it destroyed her braces. She must have been in a lot of pain as she gnawed her way through them. They’ll be fixed soon.

She was held captive for at least a week in her own home, by the rabid serial killer who moved in with mom. Everyone can be sure to thank Joe Biden and his humane immigration policies for providing him the opportunity.

When the girl told police what happened, she showed them how her “braces were damaged from the chewing and marks on her wrists indicated she’d been tied up.

On August 4, police announced that after discovering “what turned out to be the decomposing, dismembered remains of her mother and brother,” they were forced to arrest 37-year-old José Paulino Pascual-Reyes. Police believe that is a whole lot more evidence than liberal prosecutors can ignore.

As Tallapoosa County Sheriff Jimmy Abbett tells the press, This horrifically abused child “is a hero for surviving the incident and coming forward with the information that she provided us in order to charge him.

The girl escaped and was rescued by a passerby “along a country road.

Assaulted and plied with alcohol

After mom’s friendly illegal alien lover killed her and her son, he chopped them up and stashed the parts around the trailer. According to authorities he then proceeded to assault the girl. She says he plied her with alcohol “to keep her in a stupor.” She was tied to a bed until she managed to chew her way free.

She would have been chopped up too, as soon as José got tired of her. As CBS notes, “a few other people live near the mobile home” but nobody “has come forward with information.” Maybe because they’re illegal?

Official court records note that the migrant was charged with kidnapping the girl and “multiple counts” of capital murder. They know for sure about “the girl’s 29-year-old mother and her son, who court records show was younger than 14.” Sheriff Abbett can hardly believe what he’s seeing.


Everything about this situation is disturbing but what’s really scary is how nobody is really surprised. It has been verified that “Reyes, who is from Mexico, was in the country illegally after being deported and returning without proper documentation.

They were boyfriend and girlfriend. They were actually living there all together.” Since February. It’s clear “the girl was held hostage against her will, not that she was physically abducted from elsewhere and taken to the home.” They figure she was “taken captive on July 24 around the time her mother and brother were killed.

With a big trial coming up he didn’t want to say much, so “declined to comment on whether the girl knew the fate of her mother and brother while she was still a hostage.” He sort of answered that by noting, “the chopped-up remains were found inside the home.


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