John Kerry BUSTED, His Criminal Activities are Now in the Spotlight


John Kerry just lurched back into the spotlight and it’s not in a good way. Half of Washington is howling for his head after the Barack Obama Era circus freak got busted leaking classified intelligence to the Ayatollah.

Kerry leaked to Iran

By Monday, even Democrats were demanding John Kerry quit and go home. The Secretary of Cow Farts is hiding from beltway reporters after “an explosive report published over the weekend.”

It quoted Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif claiming that Obama’s Secretary of State told him “that Israel was behind hundreds of attacks on Iranian assets in Syria.”

Official Palace spokesunit Jen Psaki ran to State Department spokesman Ned Price for help spinning a response.

They decided that the official story is that anything Kerry leaked was really old news by then and nothing to be alarmed about. Officially though, “they do not comment on leaked materials.”

John Kerry, also known as the Special Palace Envoy for Climate, is taking the fifth and not saying anything. His lawyers are advising him to make it a quart and stay home for a while until everything blows over.

When he got cornered by the press, he took the standard criminal defense. He didn’t do it, He wasn’t there. “I can tell you that this story and these allegations are unequivocally false. This never happened — either when I was Secretary of State or since.”

Catastrophic recklessness

It’s a catastrophe, conservative Texas Senator Ted Cruz insists. “If this tape is verified, it would signal catastrophic and disqualifying recklessness by Envoy Kerry to Foreign Minister Zarif that endangered the safety of Americans and our allies.”

It wouldn’t be the first time that Iran John bowed down to ki$$ the Ayatollah’s a$$. He usually just sends pallets of cash. It would be, Cruz insists, “consistent with his long pattern of empowering Iran’s regime.”

Kerry poured “hundreds of billions of dollars into the Ayatollah’s terrorist bank accounts” and that’s only part of his traitorous schemes.

The man who ran Heinz Ketchup into bankruptcy was “a close confidant with Zarif during the Obama administration, and was caught repeatedly meeting with him during the Trump administration (notwithstanding the Logan Act) — and has never publicly accounted for what they discussed.”

Mike Pompeo doesn’t like him either. The former secretary of state and CIA director gloats I told you so.

It’s “what I’ve said for years: That [Zarif] continued to engage with former secretary of state Kerry on policy matters after Kerry’s public service and, according to Zarif, Kerry informed the Iranians of Israeli operations.”


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