Durham Begins HEAVY Investigation into Clinton Foundation


A heavy duty investigation into the Clinton Foundation is rumored to be going on at this very moment. Everything about John Durham’s special investigation has been kept such a tightly held secret that the public doesn’t even know when to expect a report, but sources have confirmed that the 2015 investigation is getting a second look. With a magnifying glass this time.

Clinton Foundation ties to Obamagate

For months, U.S. Attorney John Durham has been investigating Obamagate. Digging deep with his very own grand jury into the origins of the conspiracy to spy on candidate Donald Trump, then seditiously remove him from office after he won the election, even though it was likely rigged against him to favor Hillary Clinton. Word around the campfire is that Durham found something in the 2015 Clinton Foundation investigation that matches up with his Obamagate probe.

While everyone is carefully mentioning that this is all rumor and speculation, it’s informed speculation. As Law Enforcement Today explains, “the gist is that Durham is looking into how the 2015 investigation of the Clinton Foundation was handled” but “the scope isn’t clear.” The two most likely possibilities are that Durham wants to make sure that there were “no stones left unturned” in the first Clinton inquiry or else he found some fresh leads that lead him to dig back into it.

We do know this much, because it’s been confirmed, Durham has been “reaching out to law enforcement officials that were tied to the 2015 investigation into the Clinton Foundation.” He’s been asking them about “how exactly that investigation was handled.” The Clinton family isn’t phased. They released their standard disclaimer, whining about how every time they turn around they’re “subjected to baseless, politically motivated allegations, and time after time these allegations have been proven false.” Having the investigators in your pocket is a great way to make sure that happens.

Lots of shady deals

The same way that climate change, these days, comes in a bottle of gasoline with a rag stuffed in the top, the Clinton Foundation has an unusual way of being tied to some shady “humanitarian” deals, like the way they allegedly “sought donations in exchange for backing the sale of the Canadian company Uranium One, which had links in the U.S., to the Russian atomic energy agency Rosatom.” That hasn’t been proven because the big witness against them, Douglas Campbell, was never allowed to testify in court about what he knows.

After initial denials, the Clinton Foundation eventually admitted that it received a gift of $1 million from Qatar when Hillary Clinton was U.S. Secretary of State without consulting the State Department.” That was a no-no. The world found out about it from “the hacking of John Podesta’s email account and subsequent release of several emails.” The emails that the FBI were never able to track down. One of those leaked emails confirmed “that Qatari officials promised the money in 2011 to celebrate the 65th birthday of Bill Clinton, and tried to visit the former U.S. president in person the next year to present him with the donation.”

Official documents released by the trust as required by law confirm that “at least eight other countries offered new or increased funding, mostly to finance the organization’s health project, without consulting the State Department.” That’s why there is so much “speculation around this new Durham inquiry.” It looks a whole lot like Durham’s crew “may be trying to see if there were any parallels in investigative practices toward the Russia conspiracy against President Trump and alleged criminal acts within the Clinton Foundation.”


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