He’s Been SCREWED Again…Judge TOSSES Lawsuit


After all he’s been put through by the federal government, Carter Page just got another stinging slap in the face. The judge personally whapped him upside the head with his own complaint, as she tossed it in the trash. The one where he named “the DOJ and FBI and an array of ex-FBI officials” and charged them with violating his constitutional rights. Sorry pal, the judge says, you sued the wrong people.

Carter Page screwed again

Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was illegally spied on after the feds tricked the star-chamber FISA Court into allowing the Obamagate surveillance warrant. He was highly disappointed to learn that his lawsuit was arbitrarily dismissed.

District Judge Dabney Friedrich sided with Merrick Garland on Thursday, September 1, to declare that the Just Us Department really runs this country and anything the Federal Bureau of Instigation does is totally legal, always.

While the 2016 presidential campaign was in full swing, “federal investigators obtained permission from the FISA court to wiretap Page, and the surveillance continued for roughly one year.” They lied through the wazoo to get and renew that warrant.

FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith was convicted of flat out forging the evidence used to tap his phones. Through him, they tapped into Trump tower and the campaign communications. All of it should be considered illegal but not when the FBI does it. They can do anything they want.

Since then, “two of the four surveillance warrants granted by the secretive FISA court have since been declared invalid — a major blow to the credibility of the FBI’s early Russia probe.

Page rightfully filed his lawsuit, naming “the DOJ and FBI and an array of ex-FBI officials, including former Director James Comey, former top counterintelligence official Peter Strzok, and former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who was convicted of doctoring an email related to the FISA application.

A troubling ruling for everyone

Judge Friedrich killed a whole bunch of trees to explain her reasoning. It took a total of 54 pages. She admits that the plaintiff has a point and even though his claims were “troubling,” she was throwing them out anyway. It seems that the judge is of the opinion that Carter Page “sued the wrong people.

To back that up, she notes, “defendants were involved in drafting the court filings that led to the surveillance, and some even greenlit the surveillance, but none of them conducted the surveillance.” Oh, that makes it alright then. It’s clear, she writes, that “the law doesn’t allow suits against those who didn’t actually conduct the surveillance.

The $75 million suit went down in flames because “Congress has not permitted lawsuits against government employees or federal agencies in a scenario like the one Page faced.


And she “declined to find that Page had a right to pursue a freestanding claim of violation of his constitutional rights.” Those words sounds like grounds for an appeal.

She doesn’t care if the allegations are true or not. The FBI is totally legal always. “To the extent these allegations are true, there is little question that many individual defendants, as well as the agency as a whole, engaged in wrongdoing.

Even so, Page has brought no actionable claim against any individual defendant or against the United States.” As Merrick Garland said on TV, “we run this country and don’t you forget it.”


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