FBI Corruption Details


The public has learned that the FBI really IS corrupt to the core from the top on down. Kevin Brock freaked out over what some powerful senators are saying. On Sunday, the progressive spin doctor took it upon himself to write a prescription for the hill. Something they can use to pacify their liberal readers. It only proves that Charles Grassley and Ron Johnson really kicked over the hornet’s nest this time.

FBI really is corrupt

By way of background, Kevin Brock formerly served as assistant director of intelligence for the FBI. He was also principal deputy director of the National Counterterrorism Center. He was visibly upset to learn that Charles Grassley dared to call his beloved Federal Bureau of Instigation “corrupt.” Not just a little bit but “corrupted to its core.” That, he admits is “enough to send a chill up and down the national spine.” The New York Post, who has been covering the Hunter Biden laptop story like Handiwrap, sees the issue just a little differently.

FBI Director Christopher Wray always seems a little too pleased with himself. But on Thursday the smirk may be wiped off his pretty face when Republican members of the Senate Judiciary committee start grilling him on the mounting evidence that something is very rotten inside the agency Wray runs.

The big question inquiring minds in the Senate want to know hard answers to are things like why the “FBI apparently did nothing with Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was handed to two agents on December 9, 2019.

Nobody knows what agents have been doing with the evidence since then, other than watching his videos for their own personal amusement. All those emails look a whole lot like an influence peddling scheme involving several members of the Biden family besides Joe and Hunter. Of course, they all have been totally ignored.

In October of 2020, “Hunter’s former business partner,” Tony Bobulinski, handed over a whole bunch of matching emails confirming the ones which were on the laptop. When he did, he “was interviewed for several hours by FBI agents, as part of an investigation into Hunter.” Back before the big election, he spelled it out that “Joe Biden had lied when he claimed to have no involvement in Hunter’s foreign deals.” He’s the one who confirmed the “Big Guy” is Joe Biden. We also know from another incident that the bureau had Hunter under surveillance in 2018.

As far as his business dealings are concerned, the bureau “was wire-tapping Hunter’s partners at the Chinese firm, CEFC, which was a front for Chinese military intelligence, so agents would have picked up some or all of the conversations the VP’s son had between 2015 and 2018 with CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming, Director Jianjun Zang and associate Patrick Ho, the Chinese spies who would give him millions of dollars.” If they were really doing a legitimate investigation, the Senators are of the opinion the bureau should have pressed some criminal charges long before now.

Grassley’s ‘dramatic assertion

Kevin Brock simply couldn’t let Senator Grassley’s “dramatic assertion” go unanswered. “Since Grassley’s dramatic assertion grabbed headlines and ignited calls to disband the FBI, it is worthy of deconstruction and perspective to make sure the American people aren’t being unduly panicked.” Brock knows that his beloved bureau isn’t pure and innocent, so admits that “Grassley gets some things right and raises specific legitimate concerns appropriate to his role of oversight.

Since it’s only the Hunter Biden investigation that’s all screwed up, it’s a little unfair to blame the whole bureau, Brock argues. “He falls out of the logic tree, however, when he claims that those legitimate concerns, which are fairly isolated, are proof somehow of a thoroughly corrupted FBI.

Grassley and Johnson are already ahead of him on that one. They wish we had a whole lot more hard working and honest agents like the herd of whistleblowers feeding the Senators all juicy details, of what crimes their so-called superiors are up to.


We need a whole lot more of them in the FBI, the Department of Justice, and in our federal health agencies. They need to come forward and start talking to us. I’m not shocked, but it’s outrageous that the FBI would be tipping the scales of justice the way they’re doing​,” Ron Johnson said recently.

Whether Kevin Brock likes it or not, the senators have “highly credible” witnesses who presented them with proof the laptop evidence implicating Hunter Biden was “verified and verifiable.” Meanwhile FBI bureau bigwigs went out of their way to dismiss the hard evidence as “disinformation.

As Grassley wrote to alleged Attorney General Merrick Garland, “You have an obligation to the country to take these allegations seriously, immediately investigate and take steps to institute fixes to these and other matters before you.” The only way to do it right is with another one of those “special investigations.” Expect one soon.


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