Federal Judge Strips Police Officers of Much Needed Protection


A Liberal jurist in Rashida Tlaib’s home city of Detroit, Michigan, had antifa-linked anarchists salivating, because they thought the police have been disarmed. Without even bothering to hold a hearing, U.S. District Court Judge Laurie Michelson ordered the police to “stop using batons, shields, gas, chokeholds, rubber bullets, or sound cannons against peaceful protesters for the next two weeks.” No sweat, says Chief James Craig. They won’t break the heads of any “peaceful” protesters, he promises. Only the violent rioters.

Federal judge orders police to disarm

After the surprise ruling handed down late Friday, law and order supporting City Attorney Lawrence Garcia was stunned. “We are disappointed the order was entered without an evidentiary hearing,” he digs, “because we believe when the evidence is heard, the police actions to date will be deemed justified.” The judge didn’t want to hear their side of it. That smacks of a set-up. Black Lives Matter is all set to celebrate 100 days of riots.

“We are relieved that Detroit Will Breathe will be able to commemorate their 100th day of protest (Saturday) safely and peacefully, without fear of violent retaliation or unlawful arrest by police,” proclaims Amanda Ghannam, an attorney for the group. Thrilled with the ruling the progressive judge handed down and totally ignoring all of the violence in the past three months, she’s astounded that officers have “repeatedly responded with violence and hostility to the simple message that ‘Black lives matter,'” Sorry, Amanda, police responded with violence and hostility because if they didn’t you would burn the city to the ground like the anarchists are doing in cities like Portland and Kenosha. As of this writing, things have remained peaceful Saturday evening.

Just because the judge ordered the police not to use their favorite riot gear against “peaceful” protesters, they can still use every bit of it on the violent ones. They simply have to jump through a hoop and “show cause” why the force is justified. Prevention of looting or arson would qualify. Apparently Antifa’s lawyers understand what really transpired and are keeping the rabble under control. For now. Along with the prohibitions against tear gas and baton use, “officers are also prohibited from tightening zip ties to the point where they cause injury or arresting large numbers of protesters without probable cause.” There again, Chief Craig can fill up the paddy wagons the second that the mob starts breaking windows.

A win, but its only temporary

Liberal lawyer Jack Schulz, who wrote the lawsuit for the anarchists, called what the judge ordered a win, even if it’s only temporary. “For a short period, we know that the police will not be able to use the brutal tactics they have in the past against peaceful protesters without violating a court order.” Violent protesters can still expect to require significant medical attention.

Chief Craig is offended at the ugly insinuations against his department that the Judge signed off on. His police, he promises, “have never used force against peaceful protesters.” They never did and they still won’t. “We’re going to continue to do our jobs the way we’ve done it.” Once in a while to protect the public safety, you have to break some heads.

“We respect peaceful protesters. We understand the judge’s order and we’ll make sure the protesters understand if there’s any aggression or violation of law, they will get ample notice like we’ve done in the past.” According to what attorney Schultz said in his paperwork, “officers’ use of force has left some protesters hospitalized.” They fell down. “We believe when the evidence is heard, the police actions to date will be deemed justified,” the city attorney argues. Chief Craig summed it up. “If someone is resisting arrest, or trying to attack our officers, we will use the force that’s both reasonable and necessary to overcome the resistance. We don’t want the protesters injured, and we don’t want officers injured, either.”


  1. How about just ignoring the liberal Judge’s order and get the appeal going. What is that clown going to do, arrest the entire Police Department? It is time for Police in these liberal Cities to start refusing to obey illegal orders given to them by political hacks.

  2. this is just horrifying…I do wish the police would quit and find other better paying jobs than the ones they have now…this judge must be a Ovomit holdover


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