Sheriffs, Rebels Without a Cause, and Social Media Ties


Sheriff David Beth is convinced that the driving force behind the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is outside agitators leveraging social-media to produce maximum chaos by busing in anarchist “rebels without a cause” from elsewhere. As the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department prepared for more civil unrest Tuesday night by calling in reinforcements. Hundreds of officers came in to help from around the state, but it didn’t do any good. The citizens were forced to defend themselves.

Rebels without a cause

The biggest problem in Kenosha is that the Black Lives Matter mob is organized by professional outside agitators. Sheriff David Beth argues that “social media is attracting more demonstrators.” While it’s too soon to declare the shooting of Jacob Blake as “justified,” its obvious to the Sheriff that the vicious horde are nothing but a bunch of “rebels without a cause.” They aren’t in it for social justice, they’re burning and looting for kicks.

Sheriff Beth calls them “professional agitators.” They “come from other places, they don’t care.” From what he’s seen of the mob in the first two nights, to them, “burning a building or looting a building is like” going “out to dinner.” The sheriff understands, “people are frustrated, I get it. And they’re scared. I certainly get that, too. Rumors abound on social media and elsewhere, with widely varying levels of truth to them. We know that much of the damage is being inflicted by people coming in from outside our community, with the intent to rob and destroy, not to engage in their First Amendment right to demonstrate.” George Soros is spreading cash to the rebels as fast as it can get passed, out to finance all the chaos he can.

The rioters ended up getting things their way by convincing liberal Governor Tony Evers that “more law enforcement may only lead to more tension.” While Sheriff David Beth was forced to reject the “support from other law enforcement agencies,” and the National Guard was ordered to stay out of it, armed citizens took the law into their own hands and started shooting rioting rebels.

It’s ‘only a building’ being burnt down

Anarchist Kecesia Evans actually lives in Kenosha. “I don’t condone violence or looting. If the biggest thing people are worried about is a building being burnt down, you’re missing the message. It’s beyond that.” She brought her kids to the riot. “A formal apology would be nice to start off with,” Evans suggests. Everyone totally ignores the fact that Jacob Blake totally refused to comply with the officers who already had guns pointed at him. If he listened and behaved he would still be alive. He thought he was above the law and so do all the arsonist rebels, it seems. Why do we have even have laws?


“The mayor, the county exec, the chief of police — we’re open for ideas to keep things. We would like to squash this and keep this as safe as possible,” Beth explains. Their hands are tied by the governor. Still there were a few things they could do, so they did them. “Some freeway exits were temporarily blocked off to keep outside protesters from coming to Kenosha.” They did that Monday and had more ideas for Tuesday which they didn’t want to share with the rebels before the battle.

“We are not sitting idly, watching the destruction of our community. We’re making every effort to make it stop, and I hope you will too.” It turned out to be aiding the militia with water bottles while the citizens were forced to do what they could to defend themselves and their city from an invasion of rebels. “As we enter what will likely be another very challenging night in Kenosha County, I want the public to know that the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department and our partners in law enforcement are doing our utmost to protect our community during this unprecedented time of unrest.” He would love to be out on the street busting heads but his Governor won’t let him. They could have help from the National Guard. Troops were on the way, and ordered to stand down.


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