Video: Joe Biden Asking China To Help Him Become POTUS


A video from 2013 has surfaced which shows all along Joe Biden considered China to be just the kind of ally to propel him into the oval office. He thinks they can help him become President of the United States.

Biden counting on help from China

Joe Biden has been trapped in his basement because every time they let him in front of a TV camera he sticks his foot in his mouth. He didn’t even have to leave his rec-room to get in trouble this time. All the way back in 2013, before he lost his mental faculties and the ability to speak, Biden told the world that China would one day help him become president of the United States.

The remarks in question happened at a forum concentrating on U.S. – Chinese relations in Washington, D.C. after meeting with freshly installed leader Xi Jinping. They love him in Communist China, Biden beamed. He was convinced, when he told the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialog that China was “helping him become president.”

Conservative media outlets have been quick to note that “a similar joke by President Trump about Russia sparked an FBI probe and the ‘collusion hoax.'” Biden, it seems can get away with murder. Some say it was the same kind of joke Biden was making when he joked “about withholding money from Ukraine til they get rid of the attorney that’s investigating the Biden’s,” Proud Boomer comments.

More ‘gotcha’ diplomacy

Biden got in hot water back then in 2013 over the remarks. He claimed he was looking for “a different kind of relationship for the 21st century.” One that depends on the ability to communicate. The problem was the whole thing was kept a big secret. “China’s ADIZ announcement is a perfect example. The decision seems to have caught everyone off-guard, meaning the Chinese chose not to discuss it privately with other leaders in advance. Either they didn’t think anyone else would mind or (more likely) they valued the strategic advantage of surprise over open, above-board communication.” Biden fell for their “gotcha” diplomacy and went splat.

Not too long afterward, he stood up in front of a whole class of Chinese students and boldly proclaimed, “I love to hear people tell me — now to use the vernacular — ‘China’s going to eat our lunch,’” The students demanded an immediate apology but never got one. “You cannot think different in a nation where you cannot breathe free. You cannot think different in a nation where you aren’t able to challenge orthodoxy because change only comes from challenging orthodoxy.”


  1. Isn’t this the same thing the crazy DEMs harassed President Trump and the Russian collusion with for over three years ; they had to stop when they realized that we the people realized that it was just something they made up (just a (hopeful!!) figment of their imagination!!). So where is the investigation into this Biden-China collusion???

  2. this scumbag Biden will never be our president..he needs to be thrown in jail with the rest of his crooked family and these democrooks..President Trump won this election and these crooked democrooks were in on stealing this election..the supreme court will over turn this stolen election and trust me no way in hell with Biden and that ho Harris step foot in the oval office taking over President Trumps place or Pense place…All the fraud is unfolding before our eyes…we look forward when they all go to jail were they all belong…


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