FBI Rats Behind Barbarian Raid


A recent congressional watchdog hearing focused the spotlight of transparency on Attorney General Merrick Garland and he shrank away in horror like a vampire. There were so many rats running around Capitol Hill involved in the false-flag barbarian invasion that it looked like a scene from “Willard.”

The FBI’s pet rats

Recently, at a watchdog committee hearing, conservative Kentucky lawmaker Thomas Massie sparked up his Bernzomatic and stuck it under the nose of Imperial Justice Minister Merrick Garland.

Massie quizzed him relentlessly about the FBI’s pet rats. “Were there Federal Agents present on January 6 and did any of them ‘agitate’ or go into the Capitol?” The nation’s top legal prosecutor stood on his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. “Attorney General Garland refused to answer.” Nobody in the Federal Bureau of Instigation wants to say a single word about Ray Epps.

Anyone who’s been following the saga of how the FBI rats infested the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys will recognize the name Ray Epps. He’s the one Massie grilled Garland about.

“As far as we can determine, the individual who was saying he’ll probably go to jail, he’ll probably be arrested, but they need to go into the Capitol the next day, is then directing people into the Capitol the next day, is then the next day directing people to the Capitol.” Garland won’t admit he was acting under FBI orders, refusing to comment.

Revolver has been herding the bureau rats for a long time now and their investigative reporting team can now reveal “that Ray Epps appears to be among the primary orchestrators of the very first breach of the Capitol’s police barricades at 12:50pm on January 6. Epps appears to have led the ‘breach team’ that committed the very first illegal acts on that fateful day.”

“What’s more, Epps and his ‘breach team’ did all their dirty work with 10 minutes still remaining in President Trump’s National Mall speech, and with the vast majority of Trump supporters still 30 minutes away from the Capitol.” Nancy Pelosi can put that in her pipe and smoke it.

Why isn’t he in jail?

One would think that Nancy Pelosi’s Grand Inquisition would love to burn someone who did such insurrectionary things at the stake. Quietly and without any fuss, when news reports started raising eyebrows, Epps was scrubbed from the most wanted list.

“The FBI stealthily removed Ray Epps from its Capitol Violence Most Wanted List on July 1, just one day after Revolver exposed the inexplicable and puzzlesome FBI protection of known Epps associate and Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes.” Rhodes is another of the FBI’s alleged rats.




Even Antifa® knew he was a major player and one of the FBI rats. Their social media accounts were so full of such helpful tips to the feds that they sort into three hashtag categories.

“#CrowdControl, because of the way Epps was always controlling every crowd he was a part of on both January 5 and January 6; #FedBoomer, because of the shocking video (analyzed below) of Epps being shouted down as a “Fed” by Trump supporters for proposing to enter the Capitol; and #BigMagaCamo, which came to be Epps’s final, neutral descriptor name. It is under the #BigMagaCamo moniker that virtually all left-wing databases, shared Google spreadsheets and multimedia archives retain most of their Ray Epps information.”

In the clip which shows Trump supporters chanting “Fed! Fed! Fed!” another of the FBI’s alleged rats even tells him it’s over the top. It’s John Sullivan who jokes Ray Epps is on “some undercover agent type shit.” It’s no accident that “both Epps and Sullivan are at the same place, at the same time, in the exact same conversation circle.”

They “were instructed or encouraged by handlers to go out and — as FBI Special Agent Impola instructed his assets in the Michigan Plot — ‘Maximize Attendance.'” Nobody still has any good answers for why Psychological Warfare Captain Emily Rainey bused her friends in that day either.


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