Van Morrison Spoke Out Against the Jab, and Now The Govt is Coming for Him

Van Morrison Spoke Out Against the Jab, and Now The Govt is Coming for Him

Legendary musician Van Morrison is now being targeted by the government for speaking out against the vaccine and COVID restrictions.

Northern Ireland’s health minister is now suing Van Morrison because the singer called him “very dangerous” over his handling of COVID restrictions.

This is another reminder that the United States is the only country on the planet with actual free speech. While Americans are allowed to criticize their government (for now), apparently the Irish aren’t so lucky.

Van Morrison, who was born in Belfast, Ireland, opposes authoritarian pandemic restrictions. Because of this, he has been very vocal in his criticism of Northern Ireland’s health minister, Robin Swann.

After the government cancelled one of the musician’s concerts at the last minute because of COVID restrictions, he spoke out at a gathering at Belfast’s Europa Hotel.

His comments on that occasion and two others, in which he called Swann “a fraud” and “very dangerous,” have prompted a defamation suit from the government official.

In an article for Rolling Stone Magazine, Swann called Van Morrison’s statements about him “bizarre and irresponsible.”

According to Swann’s lawyer, Paul Tweed, court proceedings against the singer “are at an advanced stage with an anticipated hearing date early in 2022.”

Joe Rice, Morrison’s lawyer, has announced that the musician will be contesting the claim and arguing “that the words used by him related to a matter of public interest and constituted fair comment.”

Van Morrison isn’t just speaking out against one particular official. He recently published a pro-freedom album with song titles including: “They Own The Media,” and “Where Have All The Rebels Gone?”

He also wrote a popular song entitled “Stand And Deliver,” which was sang by another pro-freedom artist, Eric Clapton.



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