Election Commission Holds Meeting After Sheriff’s Dept. Launches Fraud Investigation


Wisconsin’s state Election Commission called an emergency meeting to decide what to do, after the Racine County Sheriff accused them of a serious crime last November. A “Class I Felony,” in fact. Nursing home visitors “included someone to clean the fish tanks” but poll workers were kept out.

Election Fraud Commission

Racine County sheriff Christopher Schmaling held a press conference Thursday, October 29, to point the finger at the Wisconsin Elections Commission, accusing them of committing election fraud last November.

They broke the law “by telling local elections officials not to send poll workers into nursing homes to assist residents with voting.” The sheriff is demanding the Wisconsin Department of Justice “launch a statewide investigation.” The dirty bleepards “took advantage of impaired seniors.”

It wasn’t a one time isolated event either. The commission “committed a Class I Felony” and “this sort of conduct took place in all 72 counties of the state.” The sheriff provided details to back the allegations, starting with the fraud that was committed “at Ridgewood Care Center in Mount Pleasant, where eight people who had lost significant cognitive ability still cast ballots.”

The staff made sure they voted for Biden with WEC’s blessing “because of policies the WEC approved.” RCSO calls that violation of state election law.

The commission instantly went into damage control mode, falling back on the lame old standby that Covid made them do it.

“The changes it approved during the COVID-19 pandemic were okay, primarily regarding how Special Voting Deputies were no longer required to go into nursing homes to help people who wanted to vote ballots while also preventing fraudulent ballots from being cast.” That’s bull-crap, the Sheriff counters.

Law was ‘shattered’

According to Sheriff Schmaling, An “election statute was in fact not just broken, but shattered by members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.” Sergeant Michael Luell spelled out what happened at Ridgewood.

“Racine law enforcement looked at 2020 visitor logs and found that other visitors were let into the nursing home throughout the pandemic, about 900 times between the decision in March not to use special voting deputies and November 2020.

Deputies really started steaming when they learned those “visitors included someone to clean the fish tanks and birdcages and even DoorDash delivery people.” Meanwhile election officials were denied access.

“Those people were allowed into the Ridgewood Care Facility, but heaven forbid we make an exception for special voting deputies,” Luell scolded. The commission has no excuse. “Under Wisconsin state statute 12.13, breaking these laws about special voting deputies constitutes ‘election fraud,’ which is a felony.”

Schmaling is only responsible for one of the 72 counties, “Ridgeland is one of 11 facilities within our county. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of these facilities throughout the entire state of Wisconsin.”

“We would be foolish to think for a moment that this integrity issue, this violation of the statute, occurred to just this small group of people at one care facility in one county in the entire state.” The commission knows those numbers add up quick.


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